Zucks for being you.

I’m playing the smallest fiddle in the world because billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg suffered the biggest financial loss in the world in the last 12 months.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Zuckerberg tops the list of billionaires flaunting their Ls after losing more than $100 billion in personal wealth in the past 13 months. Devastating stuff, honestly.

The latest success comes after his company – Meta Platforms Inc. – reported a disappointing quarter for the second time in a row, resulting in an $11 billion personal hit to his own wealth.

On Thursday, the company announced that profits had more than halved in the third quarter, sending Meta’s stock price down 22% immediately after the report’s release.

Luckily, the 38-year-old woman who started a website for college brothers to rank women based on their beauty is still worth $38.1 billion. But while that kind of obscene wealth can still serve as hustle culture porn for the likes of crypto dudes and male listeners alike. The Joe Rogan Experiencethat pales in comparison to the $142 billion he was personally worth in September of last year.

To put all of this into context for you, the median net worth of an American family is $121,700. This number is even lower if you are not white, own a home, or have not gone to college.

Not to mention that the median American in Zuck’s age bracket (35-44) is only worth $91,300 – so he could afford to lose a lot more and still sit comfortably in the top percent of his bracket. age – and of the whole human race.

If you ask me, someone who’s definitely qualified to spit takes on the stock market and how to run multi-billion dollar tech companies, I’d say Meta’s financial ruin is – at least in part – because the metaverse is a very silly idea.

Anyway, happy Friday! Eat the rich!