Mary Fitzgerald talks about wanting Jason Oppenheim to consider fatherhood, saying she thinks the realtor would be a great father.

sell sunset Star Mary Fitzgerald has spoken about wanting Jason Oppenheim to be a father, admitting she thinks he would make a great dad. sell sunset Season 5 is fast approaching and will delve into the glamorous lives of Oppenheim Group real estate agents. Jason and his twin brother, Brett Oppenheim, originally started the group, and Jason is currently the owner and president as well as a broker. The show centers on the endless drama between Oppenheim Group workers and offers insight into some of California’s most luxurious and expensive homes, particularly in Los Angeles and Orange County. New sell sunset The Season 5 trailer promises even more excitement.


Jason and real estate agent Chrishell Stause shared a close professional relationship throughout the show, but their professional bond became personal when the two began dating in the summer of 2021. The pair hit it off immediately thanks to their pre-existing friendship and even enjoyed a romantic trip. in Italy together. Friends, including Mary Fitzgerald, were thrilled and supportive of the couple, and many fans were thrilled to see an office romance. Despite their close bond and love for each other, the couple couldn’t get over it and split in December after just a few months together. Chrishell revealed that the disagreement over the children ultimately caused the couple to go their separate ways. Chrishell wants to focus on building a family while Jason feels he’s not ready yet.

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Although Jason insists that his lifestyle prevents him from being a father, Mary is convinced that he would make a great father. Talk with We Weeklysays Mary, “I think he would be an amazing father. I hope he makes it because his child would be very lucky. She went on to share that Jason has been a great pseudo-dad to his puppies and even though he said he didn’t want a dog, he immediately loved his. “You can just see how much love he has when he wraps his head around something,” she says. “He never wanted dogs either. He was annoyed that I had a dog, and now our dogs are his life.”

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Meanwhile, Chrishell is ready to start a family on her own and has considered trying unconventional ways such as sperm donation in order to make her dream of motherhood a reality. Likewise, Mary is ready to expand her family with her husband, Romain Bonnet. While Mary has an adult son, Romain does not have a child of his own, and Mary wants him to be able to experience fatherhood. “We are preparing to freeze our embryos”, she says. “I’m still up in the air if I want to have another baby or not, but I know I don’t. [Romain] lose this opportunity.

The new season of sell sunset is sure to explore both Chrishell’s and Mary’s thoughts on motherhood. Although currently over, the office romance between Jason and Chrishell is sure to ruffle a few feathers, and even Chrishell called the office atmosphere unprofessional. With the exes working together, viewers are eagerly anticipating how the two will navigate the office in the new season.

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