Good Thursday morning. It’s official. The Senate race ends with a recount. What is John Fetterman’s condition and why don’t we already know? More talk, less action on gun reform. Here is the Playbook.

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Assault weapons ban review halted: In light of the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, a call by Palestinian Authority Democrats to consider an assault weapons ban was cut short by the GOP-controlled body, 111-87.

Palestinian Authority Senate race: It’s official: Senate primary set to be recounted: It is now official. The Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary race between Mehmet Oz and Dave McCormick is heading for an official recount.

  • It’s time we heard from Fetterman’s doctors about his condition: Pennsylvanians deserve to know about the physical health of their elected officials statewide. And today, we don’t know John Fetterman’s condition.
  • PA: Oz and the McCormick race head for a recount in the Pennsylvania Senate primary
  • Applicant: Pennsylvania is heading for a recount in the Oz-McCormick Republican Senate primary. Here’s what to expect.
  • Post-Gazette: Automatic recount triggered in Pennsylvania GOP US Senate race between Mehmet Oz and David McCormick
  • Policy: Pennsylvania GOP senator triggers recount
  • CNN: Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary between Oz and McCormick heads for recount
  • FoxNews: RNC follows Pennsylvania law, ballots must be dated: Ronna McDaniel
  • The hill: Pennsylvania officially orders recount in GOP Senate primary
  • PennLive: Latest Snapshot Shows Oz Maintains Lead in GOP U.S. Senate Nomination Race, Orderly Recount

PA Governors Race: “DelVal Republicans say they will support Mastriano”: The Delaware Valley Journal reports that “however, although they may not have voted for him in the primary, most Republicans the Delaware Valley Journal spoke to now say they support Mastriano in his race against the district attorney. Democratic General Josh Shapiro”.

“Jarrett Coleman claims Republican primary victory in Pennsylvania’s 16th Senate District, but Sen. Pat Browne says he may seek a recount”: Allentown’s Morning Call reports that “Jarrett Coleman said Wednesday night that he had locked in the Republican nomination in the Republican primary election for the 16th Senate District, but the opponent, Sen. Pat Browne, said he was considering seeking a recount.”

“House votes against passing gun bill after Texas killings”: The Associated Press reports that “an effort by Pennsylvania Democratic lawmakers to ban the possession, sale or manufacture of large-capacity semi-automatic firearms went nowhere on Wednesday as State House Republicans again posted their firm opposition to the gun restriction proposals”.

“Here’s What Pennsylvania Congressmen Said About the Texas School Shooting”: The Philadelphia Investigator lists what members of the Pennsylvania congressional delegation “said about the Texas school shooting”.

“Toomey did not waive extensive background checks”: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “A day after a gunman massacred 19 elementary school students and two teachers in Texas, Republican Senator from Pennsylvania Pat Toomey is in the spotlight as one of the outlier cases who tried to negotiate legislation on the gun safety in the aisle, and he said on Wednesday that an “effort is underway” in the upper house to find a bipartisan compromise.”

“What Pennsylvania Voters Think About Gun Control, According to Polls”: The Philadelphia Investigator reports that “Polls find a majority of Pennsylvanians support tougher gun laws, and support is even higher when pollsters ask about specific safety proposals.”

“Bill to Authorize Personal Testing Equipment, Fentanyl Test Strips Passes House Committee”: The star of the capital of Pennsylvania reports that “a bill to amend the Pennsylvania Controlled Substances Act to allow the use of personal testing equipment, including fentanyl test strips, adopted unanimously the House Judiciary Committee this week.

“A Man with a Ban: How Governor Tom Wolf’s Veto Count Defines His Legacy”: City and State AP reports that “with the exception of a wave of COVID-related vetoes in 2020, Wolf’s use of this executive power has been remarkably consistent.”

“Harrisburg Democrats Call for Gun Law Reforms After Fatal Texas Shooting”: City and State AP reports that “a massacre which left 19 children and two teachers dead in Uvalde, Texas, quickly revived calls for changes to Pennsylvania’s gun laws, with Democrats pressuring GOP leaders in the General Assembly to stage votes on a series of gun laws.

”We won’t leave: ‘Philly Black Clergy, allies demand more money for gun violence prevention’: The star of the capital of Pennsylvania reports that “barely a day after 21 people, mostly childrenwere shot dead at a Texas elementary school, a coalition of faith leaders and their allies gathered in the Capitol on Wednesday, where they called on state lawmakers to increase spending on gun violence prevention programs and public education.

‘Pennsylvania. long-term care advocates warn of another ongoing crisis, due to years of underfunding’: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that “Long-term care workers from the state’s largest health care union and nursing home administrators protested in Harrisburg at two separate rallies this week.”

“State Mandated School Safety Protocols Aim to Protect Students Attending Pennsylvania Schools”: Penn Live reports that “the subject of school safety has again been forced upon the national consciousness amid the latest school massacre”.

“Companies cover Pa. with ads on how to get a medical marijuana card, but doctors are silenced”: PA projector reports that “with millions of dollars on the line, corporations are showering Pennsylvania with ads on how to get a medical marijuana card. But if doctors do the same, they risk their license.

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The leader of time: Wilkes-Barre asked to fund Parking Authority elevator repairs with ARP money

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