The far-right opposition Mi Hazánk party on Saturday demanded a recount of votes cast in the April 3 general election, citing a “last-minute” withdrawal of a party mandate as grounds for legal recourse.

Party leader László Toroczkai mentioned in a statement that after 99% of votes counted, the party had had seven parliamentary terms.

“As soon as the cross-border votes were counted, however, Mi Hazánk’s percentage result began to drop rapidly and the number of fractional votes added to the [ruling] The Fidesz party list also increased due to a change in the winner of an individual constituency,” he said.

Mi Hazánk lost his seventh term on the basis of only 48 votes for Fidesz, and the ruling party thus has a two-thirds majority in the new parliament, he added.

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All votes counted, Fidesz wins two-thirds majority

All votes counted, Fidesz wins two-thirds majority

The ruling parties will have a total of 135 seats, the opposition alliance 57 seats and the far-right Mi Hazánk six seats in the new National Assembly.Continue Reading

“Considering that a bag full of partially destroyed ballot papers was found in Marosvásárhely (Targu Mures) clearly showing votes submitted to Mi Hazánk, and the fact that ballot papers in Vojvodina were delivered without acknowledgment of receipt by activists from VMSZ, a party with close ties to Fidesz,” Mi Hazánk refuses to accept the current situation until a review is completed, he said.

Toroczkai said the party would offer to recount the votes and submit a request for legal redress.

Pictured: Mi Hazánk leader László Toroczkai. Photo by Balazs Mohai/MTI