A group of supporters of Republican gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert watched closely Thursday afternoon as election workers again delivered thousands of ballots to scanners at the Clark County Elections Department, north of Las Vegas.

The attentive observers scribbled notes. Some were seated about 10 feet from a worker, separated only by plexiglass, while others stood with their faces inches from the transparent divider to see better.

Gilbert, a Reno-area attorney, was the only candidate to seek a statewide recount and strongly alleged voter fraud after losing to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo by about 26 000 votes in the competitive GOP governor’s primary. While counties began the re-tabulation process on Thursday or Friday and have five days to recount the votes, the secretary of state’s office said by Friday afternoon most of the state’s 17 counties were finished. their recount.

Official results won’t be released until next week, when most county commissions are due to seek the recount, although some counties may release unofficial results before then.

The Clark County recount concluded Friday afternoon. According to unofficial results released by election officials, total turnout rose by one ballot, with Lombardo losing eight votes and Gilbert losing seven.

Similarly, Washoe County election officials concluded their recount on Friday and found “the result is the same.” Officials said final results will be released when county commissioners meet next week to solicit the vote.

Gilbert’s supporters last week urged county commissioners not to certify the original results, saying the primary that culminated on June 14 was an “invalid election.”

In Washoe County, Gilbert narrowly lost to Lombardo by only about 300 votes. In Clark County, Gilbert received about half the vote as Lombardo. In Elko County, Gilbert won by about 20 percentage points from the nearly 5,500 votes cast.

In an interview with The Nevada Independent when he briefly visited the Clark County Elections Department on Thursday, Gilbert said he thought the recount would “probably not” change the outcome of the primary because the same “uncertifiable” ballots are being counted. Previously, Gilbert’s campaign spokesman Paul White said that Gilbert “100% thinks he got the most votes.”

“I promised everyone, all the time, that no matter what, I would continue to fight for integrity, accountability, transparency,” Gilbert said. “Only my team knew, but if we had been declared the winner of the primary, I was going to do the same. I was going to pay for a recount… because I want to see the process.

A candidate asking for a recount must pay for it, bringing Gilbert’s bill to just under $191,000 when factoring in the 17 counties — an expense that Gilbert says is funded by the cryptocurrency millionaire and campaigner from right Robert Beadles.

Gilbert also said he was not yet committed to the idea of ​​filing a complaint for the electoral competition, but that “depends on what has been discovered here”. He said his team had received multiple emails, voicemails and messages from people claiming to have documentation of ‘thousands’ of votes that weren’t counted or reporting that on Election Day they saw ballot boxes filled with ballot papers delivered from unmarked vehicles.

“We want every legal vote to be counted… We have concerns about many voters whose votes have not been counted or even cast,” Gilbert said. “We have a major, major problem. It’s about the process for me. That’s pretty much if we don’t fix this now, we’re going to have another major problem in November. »