Following in the footsteps of Peter Frampton and Mike Campbell, Heart guitar legend Nancy Wilson has announced that she is selling a number of electric guitars from her personal collection, including the late ’60s SG she used on tour with Heart for the hit. Barracuda.

Wilson’s gear will hit the market via a dedicated storefront space on (opens in a new tab) from October 19. The SG is the highlight of the collection, featuring a Bigsby tremolo and two huge Marine Corps stickers on the back of the instrument.

“I’ve come a long way with me and we’ve done a lot of scenes and shows together,” Wilson comments. “You might recognize this Marine Corps symbol here that I used to flash after Barracuda at the end of the shows. My dad was in the military, and there are pictures of me saluting at a lot of shows. This guitar is a real hero.

Other instruments from Wilson, including a one-of-a-kind 12-string PRS prototype with custom dragon inlay on the body. It is described as being from the brand’s “pre-factory” era (i.e. usually produced from 1985 to 1995), although it was used much more recently.

Nancy Wilson PRS 12 string

(Image credit: Nancy Wilson / Reverb / Definitive Authentic)

“It’s one of the coolest guitars I’ve ever owned,” says Wilson. “He came with me all over the [latest] Tour of the heart. I played the first track of the tour on this guitar, Rock heaven down.”

Nancy Wilson 1957 Stratocaster

(Image credit: Nancy Wilson / Reverb / Definitive Authentic)

Vintage heads will likely be turned by the 1957 Fender Stratocaster (“There’s all the good dirt in the ’50s sound,” the guitarist says).

Elsewhere there’s a great sample of 70s/80s guitar innovation and craftsmanship in the form of a late 70s David Petschulat Mini Les Paul.

These were, exactly as the name suggests, miniaturized versions of a Les Paul-style version, designed for a few players selected by Petschulat, a former Kahler employee.

Nancy Wilson David Petschulat mini Les Paul

(Image credit: Nancy Wilson / Reverb / Definitive Authentic)

Among those who bought one was Eddie Van Halen, who also allegedly contracted Petschulat (opens in a new tab) to develop his very first locking tremolo with fine tuners.

“It’s very tiny,” Wilson said of his personal Mini. “It was on stage with me, and Howard Lee had one too. He’s also the star of Heart’s album cover Greatest Hits Live.”

Nancy Wilson Duncan Quattro

(Image credit: Nancy Wilson / Reverb / Definitive Authentic)

The sale also includes a Duncan Quattro – a seemingly rare ’80s build from Seymour Duncan, with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo and HSS pickup setup (although the single coil in the neck appears to be a Hot Rails-style mini humbucker). ) .

The final item of note in the ad is a TV Jones Spectra Sonic which, like Wilson’s favorite SG, is also equipped with a Bigsby tremolo.

Nancy Wilson TV Jones Spectra Sonic

(Image credit: Nancy Wilson / Reverb / Definitive Authentic)

You can preview gear on Reverb (opens in a new tab) starting today, before the sale properly opens on October 19. All in all, it’s a fascinating sample of the Heart icon’s collection and of late 20th century electric guitar design.

guitar world notes that she’s decided to keep her distinctive 1963 Telecaster, even though Wilson didn’t hesitate to lend it to Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready when he came to a recent show in Seattle…