Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s lead in the Republican gubernatorial primary saw very little change after Nevada County election officials finished recounting hundreds of thousands of votes last week.

The recount was requested by Reno attorney Joey Gilbert, who finished second in the race, at his own expense of nearly $200,000. The recount showed Lombardo’s statewide vote tally dropped by one, while Gilbert’s total dropped by six, according to election officials from Nevada’s 17 counties who released the results. online or have been contacted by the Review-Journal. Gilbert lost to Lombardo by approximately 26,000 votes.

But Gilbert, who raised allegations of widespread voter fraud in the race without providing evidence, said he did not expect the recount to change the results and that it is a step towards a future lawsuit challenging the results.

“All they’re doing is using the same fixed, baked ballots, running them through the same broken machines,” Gilbert said in a video filmed last week. “So, am I expecting a lot from this?” No. But that’s part of the process.

Ten counties reported no change in the results of their primary counts to the recounts. Most others pointed to minor changes, such as Elko’s recount reducing Gilbert’s total by three and Washoe County showing Gilbert got two votes.

In Clark County, which accounts for by far the largest portion of the state’s votes, 16 votes were changed in the recount. The recount reduced Lombardo’s original vote count by eight and Gilbert’s by seven, and one additional vote was counted, according to the county.

These changes for Clark County occurred during the recount of some absentee ballots during what is called the adjudication process, according to county spokesman Dan Kulin. This process occurs after a ballot has been marked in a manner that is unclear or marks on the ballot render the ballot unreadable by the machine. When this happens, the ballot is forwarded to a bipartisan arbitration committee which inspects it and determines who the voter intended to select for.

In Nye County, the results changed because county officials discovered that a single USB key had gone unprocessed in the primary. This flash drive contained 21 total votes – four Democrats, four nonpartisan and 13 Republicans.

Nye County Clerk Sam Merlino said those extra votes resulted in seven more votes for Lombardo and one more for Gilbert.

Merlino, who is stepping down from his post next month, told Nye County Commissioners at a meeting on Wednesday that it was human error on his part not to ensure the baton was counted initially and said stated that a process would be put in place for the general election. make sure it can’t happen again.

The results of the recount will not be official until each county polls its respective votes, which will happen over the next few days.

Gilbert’s campaign paid $190,960 to the Nevada secretary of state’s office last week to cover the costs of the recounts. The overall cost of the recount, however, will be lower than originally planned, as Washoe County said its total costs were just over $9,000, after an initial estimate of around $84,000.

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