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New Waters Cafe raises money by selling the right to name ‘anything’ inside

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) — A new cafe hopes to be up and running in a few months on Waters Avenue in Savannah and you could have your name, or at least part of it, for a cost.

“Everyone has been talking about Waters Avenue for so long. There seems to be a conversation going on in the city about when Waters Avenue will resume,” says owner Clint Edminster.

But rather than wait for someone else to make the first move, Edminster dove in headfirst.

“We are sitting in what is going to be in the next two months, Waters Café.”

A District 4 edition Alderman Nick Palumbo feels a perfect fit.

“It’s exciting to see Waters Café think outside the box, because that’s exactly what we need. The worst type of urban terrain is the old abandoned building. We need to reinvigorate them. »

Edminster aiming to not only bring an old building to life, but also fill a need for the area.

“We hope to not only bridge the gap between people and good food, but also bridge the gap between neighbors and each other.”

Of course, to do this, he will need a little help.

“Setting up a café is not necessarily the cheapest business a person can undertake,” Edminster said.

But it doesn’t just ask for money, it offers a chance to be part of the cafe.

“We’re selling the naming rights to literally everything inside this cafe.”

Yes, everything, “we have Beth Vantosh restrooms, we have Chelsea Phillips wifi.”

Electrical outlets, sinks, chairs, just about anything you can put a nameplate on.

So far, people are jumping at the chance.

“I am also an investor, put your money with your mouth. So $100 of my personal money is invested here for the Nick Palumbo potted plant,” Palumbo said.

While it’s certainly good for his business, what Edminster really hopes is that it proves there’s a lot of promise on Waters Avenue.

“It’s time. It’s time for Waters Avenue to start building and rebuilding. We would also like to have other neighbors in this part of town. There are incredible buildings and incredible spaces in the waters that I would like to see it live again.

If you want more information about Waters Café or how to get your name on something inside, click here.

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