In the wake of the first woman to pitch in modern professional baseball (a scoreless inning for Genevieve Beacom!), And Sara Goodrum becomes director of player development for the Astros, there is more story to share.

The first female manager of affiliate baseball, Rachel Balkovec:

Balkovec will be the first female minor league manager in MiLB history, leading the Yankees’ Low-A branch in Tampa. It’s a big time for sports, which has come to the idea that women can serve in these roles over the past few years. Find out more about the new Balkovec concert here at Athletic.

The Cubs are among the few organizations that employ a woman in a coaching role, with Rachel Folden being the batting coach in the ACL. By all accounts, this hiring was a huge success. I hope this is just the start, for a number of reasons.

As I said before on this: “Even if you just want to be cynical, consider that there is a huge pool of talent – coaching and development, and R&D and front office – that has barely been factored into the business. over the past two decades. . Organizations that do a good job of attracting more of the best women to key roles will be more successful over the next two decades (you will have a better chance of getting the best of the best if you have good systems in place now) . It’s the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do.

It’s an opportunity to get more talent and put them in the right positions to be successful for the betterment of your organization. I like to see more organizations doing this and more women getting vaccinated. Hopefully the Cubs stay proactive on this front, both because I think it’s cool on a personal level, but also because I think there’s probably an advantage available if you stay ahead.

More Balkovec and Folden here: