TikTok has become the hotspot for people calling out celebrities and their attitudes – but now one woman has flipped the script and praised those who are fun to work with.

A social media manager for a nightclub has gone viral on the platform for revealing the “friendliest” celebrities she has collaborated with.

In a clip that has accumulated nearly 400,000 likes, Nicole Cruz (@nickyycruz) shared a handful of artist clips that made people dream.

She wrote, “Everyone is nice, but these artists were damn good vibezzzzz”.

Among them were The Chainsmokers, rapper Fetty Wap, Russian-German DJ Zedd and Kaskade. There was also the electronic dance music duo Showtek and DJ Tiësto.

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Everyone is nice but these artists were super good vibezzzzz 🫡 #socialmediamanager #nightlife

Other TikTokers flocked to the clip to share their own personal experiences with the celebrities mentioned. Many of them commented on how cute Fetty Wap was.

One said, “Ugh I love Fetty’s big smile, he’s so cute! I knew he had to be sweet!”

Another shared, “I met Fetty Wap at the mall once in San Diego (he came to my store) he’s so sweet!”

Meanwhile, a third reiterated: “No Fetty Wap is literally SO sweet. I met him in Scottsdale years ago and he is so genuine.”

The comments were well rounded out with American duo The Chainsmokers saying, “Haha we miss you! By the way, since we were shown first, does that mean we were the nicest”.

In a separate clip, Nicole shared the coolest things she’s experienced while working.


I never know what to expect when going to work 😅 #socialmediamanager #nightlife

She mentioned work highlights such as meeting 50 Cent and Steve Aoki — and even taking pictures with The Chainsmokers. Nicole also shared how she was lucky enough to drive a Mclaren.

Although she didn’t mention meeting Nicki Minaj, Nicole used one of her songs as the audio for the video, to which the rapper commented with a heart of love.

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