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Oceonica Corp. acquires Personal Money Service

Oceonica Corp. announced the acquisition of Personal Money Service Company, an online platform that connects consumers with trusted lenders across the United States. The purchase will better meet the needs of Oceonica Corp customers. and Personal Money Service across the country as the company strives to promote education in various fields and takes care of creating an innovative educational platform.

The acquisition of Personal Money Service Company is part of Oceonica Corp’s strategy. aiming to improve the overall level of education of American consumers and to provide the best technology and the best services to help every citizen become more literate in different fields, including personal finance and money management. .

Now that Oceonica Corp will own Personal Money Service, it will not only better meet the needs of clients of both companies, but also bring more value to every US resident who wants to improve their education using modern technology. By purchasing the company, Oceonica Corp will also provide financial training services to Americans.

“Our acquisition of Personal Money Services complements our overall educational strategy, which now enables us to provide a number of financial services to our clients. PMS isn’t just about loan services, this company makes a really big contribution to the financial literacy of everyone who visits their website. Our investment represents an important strategic opportunity to help each client cope with debt challenges, improve their financial education, and learn about modern credit options tailored to their personal needs and preferences, ”said Lincoln Arch, Sales Director of Oceonica Corp.

Being among the top online platforms in the United States, Personal Money Service features a strong customer support system. The company hires professionals who write on finance-related topics and help consumers receive prompt assistance tailored to their financial needs. The Company has built a reputation as a center of expertise to connect borrowers and direct lenders.

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Personal Money Service is an online platform with an official website that helps US consumers find the most suitable credit services and financial options. This service offers a wide range of relevant articles on financial topics. The company has already helped 200,000 people across the United States solve their financial problems since 2013. Due to the growing demand for financial services and financial education, it has been announced that

Oceonica Corp. acquires Personal Money Service to grow the business and bring more value in terms of education.

Oceonica Corp., based in San Francisco, California, is a leading provider of modern education services to clients nationwide through its web-based platform.

The main objective of the company is to provide high quality education in various fields to people using computerized technologies and innovative methods. To learn more about Oceonica Corp., visit

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