OGDENSBURG — It appears the city manager of Ogdensburg is planning to step down as planned in July.

In February, City Manager Stephen P. Jellie announced he would step down on July 8, citing his family as the reason for his decision. Announcing his resignation five months before would give the city council enough time to find a replacement, Mr Jellie said at the time.

These plans are now suspended.

“The City Manager rookie search is currently on hold. The majority city council has asked me to reconsider my notice to resign and remain in my dual capacity as city manager/fire chief,” Mr Jellie said in an email Thursday. “My family and I are considering their request.”

The majority of the City Council consists of Mayor Jeffrey M. Skelly, Deputy Mayor Steven M. Fisher, and Councilors John A. Rishe and William B. Dillabough.

Mr Jellie said the aim was to have a final decision by May 1. He referred additional questions to Mr. Skelly.

Mr Skelly said he hoped Mr Jellie would reconsider his resignation.

“I’ve asked him every day and I’m glad he’s reconsidering. I hope he will stay. He does a lot of work, as do all the other staff up there. It’s amazing,” Mr. Skelly said. “I’ve asked him many times and I’m really glad he’s reconsidering and waiting for his response.”

“From the day he was hired, I expected him to stay the full term,” Mr. Fisher said. “It’s a personal choice with the family but if he wants to stay, I’m glad he wants to stay. I don’t want to see him go.

Mr Jellie was appointed interim city manager in July 2020 and assumed the role permanently in September of that year amid controversy over what was described by several council members as an inappropriate candidate search . Mr. Jellie replaced Sarah Purdy, who retired in June.

Before Mr. Jellie also assumed the duties of fire chief in 2020, deputy fire chiefs assumed those responsibilities after fire chief Michael J. Farrell retired in January of that year.

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