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LOUISVILLE, Ky., November 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Onsite Management Group was established in 1992 as a professional outsourcing services organization specializing in mailroom management services, document printing/copying, scanning and imaging, logistics/mail management, supplies management, switchboard, reception area operation and other professional services. office services.

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OMG, LLC today announced the recognition of Strong’s Thomas as an exemplary professional in the postal industry and a deserving recipient of the Shining Star award.

Thomas is a Strategic Account Manager who performs his day-to-day duties in the California Valley region. He was nominated for the Shining Star Award by the manager George Satiahwho is the National Director of Customer Success at OMG, LLC.

As someone with extensive experience in coaching teams and delegating responsibility, George emphasized his admiration for Thomas’ leadership skills. George had this to say: “Thomas is an extraordinarily productive manager who constantly strives to go the extra mile to exceed all expectations. It establishes priorities that go beyond scope and contractual obligations. Everything that matters to the customer matters to Thomas. He has a “what else can we do for you” mentality and puts on many hats to find solutions that deliver customer benefits. »

It’s clear that Thomas is constantly striving to go the extra mile, which makes all the difference in the superior experiences he is able to bring to customers. Asked about Thomas’ impact on the success of his operation, George explained that “Thomas contributed significantly to many positive changes that added value to OMG’s relationship with the client.”

George then praised Thomas’ initiative to identify opportunities to build and strengthen internal partnerships as well as develop new processes to ensure efficiencies and additional savings in site operations. George adds that Thomas went above and beyond even making “key recommendations to improve service quality by ending redundant processes that no longer add value” to OMG’s day-to-day operations. Thomas’ wisdom and willingness to share his insights that help optimize efficiency are greatly appreciated.

In his glowing nomination of Thomas for the Shining Star Award, George detailed how Thomas has shown significant personal growth during his time at OMG both personally and professionally. George praised Thomas’ efforts in this regard, saying, “He takes every opportunity to develop his knowledge and skills. In the last few months of this year, he was certified as a Mail Design Consultant (MDC) and Office Services Professional Certification (OSPC). ) by the National Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA), and took additional courses to earn the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. He quickly developed his knowledge and is highly regarded by the client as a reliable SME.”

Additionally, Thomas’ contributions to OMG, LLC extend even beyond customer interactions. He is also an exemplary employee whom his colleagues enjoy being around. In George’s words, Thomas exemplifies “servant leadership” by “practicing[ing] what he preaches”. George proudly shared that Thomas personally trains each member of his team with passion, pride and dedication to excellence. Because of this attention to detail, all new members who work under Thomas receive the tools appropriate to perform their job duties with a clear understanding, honed skills and the confidence to successfully carry out these responsibilities.

Additionally, Thomas cares about the personal development and growth of the individuals in his team, continually motivating and encouraging them to excel in their core tasks and always strive for personal improvement goals. This way, says George, Thomas demonstrates a positive team spirit and uplifts those around him.

Thomas’ work ethic, dedication to continuous improvement, supportive demeanor, and valuable, repeated contributions to clients and to OMG’s overall culture and operations are recognized by his managers and colleagues.

Finally, Thomas has also made great strides in one specific area that deserves additional celebration. One of the main reasons George nominated Thomas for this award was Thomas’ role in encouraging the implementation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) use and safety procedures. George had this to say: “In his position, Thomas has been actively engaged in the storage and distribution of customer critical PPE equipment and supplies since the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Thomas manages courier services and has taken extra care to ensure his team adheres to strict protocols and safety guidelines in the transport and distribution of critical supplies needed to support the client’s internal system.

OMG, LLC is incredibly proud to have Thomas as a member of the team. As the Shining Star Award is given to those who have demonstrated exemplary contributions within the postal industry, Thomas is more than worthy of this honor.

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