The Senate Democrats’ campaign arm isn’t awaiting a recount in the Republican primary between Dave McCormick and Mehmet Oz. He is now launching a general election campaign – against both – officials told Axios.

Why is this important: The open race for the Pennsylvania Senate could determine which party controls the majority next year.

  • The Democrats’ own candidate, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, is recovering from a stroke.
  • The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee wants to talk about the GOP rivals — describing them both as wealthy carpet baggers out of touch with Pennsylvania workers.

Details: Dems will tag McCormick and Oz as “damaged goods— outlining their positions on Social security and health insuranceand the GOP tax planand claiming that the two candidates have enriched themselves through relationships with China.

  • The DSCC released two videos attacking the candidates. We call McCormick a “Wall Street insider” who moved closer to China and left Connecticut to secure a Senate seat.
  • The Other Oz Attack for “pretending to be from Pennsylvania and pushing Trump’s election lies”.
  • The Pennsylvania Democratic Party will hold a press conference Thursday with Sen. Bob Casey (D-Penn.) arguing against McCormick and Oz.
  • Democrats are also hosting in-person media events across the state, starting with Philadelphia on Thursday and Harrisburg on Friday.

What they say : DSCC spokesman Patrick Burgwinkle told Axios that “Democrats are wasting no time” defining Oz as a “scammer” and McCormick as a “Wall Street insider.” He said Democrats want to make sure the eventual GOP nominee “comes into the general election even more badly damaged.”

The other side:

  • Oz communications director Brittany Yanick linked Fetterman to Biden’s agenda, saying it ‘harms working people in Pennsylvania and makes our communities less safe’ and that Oz would ‘defend our values ​​and help heal’ the nation. .
  • McCormick’s campaign spokesman Jess Szymanski told Axios that he “is the only candidate with real experience dealing with the Chinese” and noted that he was “a seventh-generation Pennsylvanian” who “has grew up working on his family’s farm which he himself has owned for a decade.”