City Manager Jon Rorie at a City Council meeting in January 2022. Photo/Cal Beverly.

Was named City Manager of Camden, SC –

After a decade working for Peachtree City, Jon Rorie is moving on. And his official retirement on April 29 has nothing to do with local politics or the figures who have accompanied a trio of new council members since last January, Rorie said.

Its official announcement will take place at the city council meeting on Thursday evening.

It is ultimately a family decision, he said, made to ensure the future financial stability of a child with special needs. “It’s all personal and financial,” he said.

He travels to a northeastern South Carolina community representing one-fifth of Peachtree City’s population, where the salary is not in the Peachtree City neighborhood. Corn he plans to live out his retirement in Peachtree City and bank his income from Camden, South Carolina, to support the child for years after Rorie’s retirement, Rorie said.

Camden – a community just over 7,200 miles east of Columbia, SC – is about 2 hours south of Rorie’s aging parents in almost North Carolina, adding to the “personal” part of his reasons for leaving Peachtree City.

Ahead of the municipal elections in November which saw a new mayor and 2 new council members elected, Rorie had told associates he planned to retire before the end of 2022. The Camden job ‘was a great offer’ , Rorie said, and it was wrong. be available for a long time. Camden’s longtime city manager retired on medical grounds last month, and the city government needed to find a replacement. Rorie’s timeline for making a move by the end of 2022 therefore had to be brought forward.

Rorie had held fire service positions, including fire chief, for local governments near North Carolina for 24 years before coming to Peachtree City.

He will recommend that council appoint an interim city manager while they search for a full-time match for the job, he said.

Rorie has worked with the city since December 2011, heading the Community Services Division and the Utilities Division until he was named Acting City Manager in May 2015 following the City Manager’s retirement Jim Pennington.

New city manager Jon Rorie next to his favorite sign.  Photo/Ben Nelms.
New city manager Jon Rorie (in 2015) next to his favorite sign. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Rorie was appointed full-time city manager on November 19, 2015, by unanimous vote of the city council.

Rorie, who oversaw what was then the Community Services Division, was responsible for planning and zoning, the library, recreation and special events, and the building department.

His oversight of the Utilities Division included responsibility for buildings and grounds, engineering, stormwater, streets and cart paths, and the city’s vehicle fleet.

Prior to her move to the city, Rorie served as a fire chief in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, and has a total of 21 years in firefighting positions.