EXCLUSIVE: Concussion filmmaker Peter Landesman to adapt and direct Scout Comics comic book series Counting in a feature film for Motor Content by Don Handfield and KadinCreative by Jonathan Kadin. Nick Jones Jr. will co-write with Landesman.

The fictional political thriller, written by US Army veteran Jonathan Hedrick, was released by Scout Comics in November of last year and takes place in a disturbing but recognizable American political climate. The material is described as having the political intrigue of Card castle mixed with the horror of The purge.

In the series, the US president is assassinated by one of his own security guards. A secret service agent must then protect the vice-president at all costs from a vast and dangerous plot. With no one to turn to and no one to trust, these two women with completely opposing beliefs are forced to work together to fight back and preserve what remains of American democracy.

Landesman and Kadin previously worked together on Sony’s football drama Will Smith Concussion. Landesman wrote and directed this film, and Kadin oversaw the feature film as Sony’s executive vice president. Before that, Landesman and Handfield worked together on a political thriller Kill the messenger starring two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner for Focus Features, written by Landesman and produced by Handfield. Landesman then wrote and directed Park on the consequences of the assassination of JFK as well as Felt with Liam Neeson.

“As storytellers, we strive to capture not only this difficult political moment, but also what it means and will mean for our immediate future. When I read this graphic piece, it made me yearn for the days when character and integrity were valued, and what would happen when you made it a requirement for survival, not just for living, but to lead. I want this movie to look like what a lot of us feel, ”Landesman said.

Handfield added: “Counting struck me because it really hammers out both the incredible division of our time, as well as the fragility of our democracy – all without taking on a political “side”. On the one hand it’s a gripping political thriller, on the other it’s a hellish turn of action, but in the end, it’s an uplifting tale of two women with opposing political views coming together to save. America. I can’t think of a better filmmaker to adapt this book than Peter Landesman, who wrote and directed some of the best political thrillers of our time.

“Given the current socio-political climate, this story couldn’t be more relevant. And Peter is the perfect director to not only deliver a fantastic film that feels authentic, but to do it in a way that keeps everyone entertained, no matter which side of the aisle they are on, ”Kadin said in a commentary. communicated.

Handfield, Kadin, Landesman and Scout Comics will produce under their respective banners, with Jordan Moore of Motor Content as executive producer.

Handfield is also a partner and board member of Scout Comics, and was instrumental in the release of the series by Scout and was involved in its development early on.

KadinCreative is a film and television production company started by the former executive vice president of Sony, with the company’s first production being the musical Camila Cabello. Cinderella which was released by Amazon Prime in September. KadinCreative has action-adventure Toward the sky, based on the Eisner Award nominated series from Image Comics. At Sony, Kadin has overseen over 30 films, including hits such as Step Brothers, 21 Jump Street, and the 6x Oscar nominee Silver ball.

Kadin is replaced by Craig Emmanuel at Paul Hastings Handfield is replaced by Dale De La Torre of Jacobson, Russell, Saltz, Nassim & De La Torre. Scout Comics is replaced by Mosaic. Nick Jones Jr. is replaced by CAA and Brillstein Partners. Landesman is replaced by CAA, Dan Halsted at the helm and Alan Wertheimer, Andy Galker and Darren Trattner at Jackoway.