Alabama sensation Mooski returns today with a playful new single titled “Scuba Diving”. It finds the 24-year-old in a distinctly sultry mood as he praises a lover over rumbling drums and melodic beats. The track is accompanied by a suitably sexy video. “Scuba Diving,” out now via Capitol Records, appears on Mooski’s upcoming mixtape, Melodic Therapy 4 the Broken, due out March 11. Pre-order / pre-register here.

After looking within on contemplative tracks like “Soul Bleed,” the groundbreaking artist lets loose on “Scuba Diving.” On the instantly hummable anthem, Mooski counts the minutes until he can see his daughter again. “She say you miss me or not, she say you miss me or what,” he sings. “My daughter, you know that I miss you very much.” Mooski wears his heart on his sleeve.

The tone of the song is mirrored by the video, which finds the MC crooning in a white room, with fluorescent lights alternating between blue and pink. This sequence is juxtaposed with a couple of dancers doing their thing. Mooski’s willingness to be open about his personal experience has captivated a massive and growing audience. “I’m talking about the unsaid,” he says.

Before “Scuba Diving,” Mooski won over fans with soulful hits like “Soul Bleed,” “Zodiac Killer,” and “Track Star,” which became an online sensation, racking up more than 475 million views on TikTok, 42 + million worldwide streams and an RIAA Platinum certification. The TikTok “Track Star” challenge has inspired videos from Keyshia Cole, Lala Anthony, Dream Doll and Halle Berry, among others. Additionally, Trey Songz and Jacquees both remixed it.

Prior to releasing music, Mooski served a four-year term in the Marine Corps. He quit the service to pursue his true passion and started posting freestyle videos on social media. Surprised by the response, he soon realized that vulnerable stories were the most successful. While Melodic Therapy’s single “Soul Bleed” found Mooski working through heartbreak, “Scuba Diving” is a decidedly upbeat affair.

Watch the new music video here: