A nursery owner from Teesside has described feeling ‘over the moon’ after receiving a good report from Ofsted – six months after his inadequate rating.

Puddleducks day care center in Yarm was last inspected in December 2021, when the education watchdog concluded the early years unit was inadequate and needed improvement in several areas. Since then, Manager Deb Wright and the Puddleducks team have worked tirelessly to put appropriate measures in place ahead of the re-inspection.

During their recent inspection on Wednesday May 25, Yarm High Street Nursery was rated ‘good’ overall in all five categories rated by Ofsted. These include: quality of education, behavior and attitudes, personal development, overall effectiveness, and leadership and management.

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In the report, Ofsted said: The supplier, who is also the manager, worked extremely hard alongside the staff team. They made the necessary improvements to their practice and to the nursery.

“It has raised the standards of care and learning for the children to a good level. For example, the manager has a clear vision of the program offered to the children. understand how to meet the learning needs of children.

Puddleducks Childcare on Yarm High Street

Puddleducks manager Deb Wright told Teesside Live how much the nursery has changed since the last inspection.

Deb said: “It’s been a very tough six months, we’ve had staff departures since then and we now have an amazing team. We’ve worked so hard over the last six months, his good rating is a real reflection on everything what we learned along the way.

“I agree it needed to be improved and we have since implemented many changes at Puddleducks. Covid has had a huge impact on our nursery and the nursery industry as a whole, but I would like to think that we We’re on the right track now and all the parents have been absolutely fantastic with us over the past six months.”


According to Ofsted, staff provide a balanced and sequenced program for children, they do this by gathering information from parents about the children’s current developmental stages and interests. The inspector indicated that the children show pleasure in interesting activities and help them to progress well; with staff to identify gaps in children’s learning and work with other professionals to develop support plans.

Children develop good levels of independence and staff encourage them to take an active part in their own care. For example, they help young children to start using the toilet and show how to wash their hands effectively.

Older children know how to brush their teeth and show enthusiasm for this part of their nursery routine. They show pride when they look in the mirror and point out how white their teeth are.

The report adds: “Children are very settled in the nursery, babies are getting their care needs taken care of and are sleeping well after the walk in the fresh air. Staff are supporting children who are new to the nursery and provides them with their comfort items and their hugs if they get upset.

“The children are nice to each other and know how to share resources. For example, they take turns holding the story props during the walk – the behavior is very positive.”

Ofsted said some areas still need slight improvement at Puddleducks, to ensure the quality of early years provision. These include the team considering ways to promote writing skills in older children as well as thinking about baby story time and considering how to improve it so they are engaged, listen and learn new vocabulary.


The Ofsted report concludes the safeguard arrangements are effective, previous inspections have said the safeguard at Puddleducks was a ‘significant weakness’.

According to education watchdogs, Principal Deb has provided staff with relevant training to help identify, report and record any protection issues they may encounter. The staff also ensure that the crèche is hygienic and safe for the children; children also learn to protect themselves, for example by holding onto the handrail when descending the stairs.

Parents are “very supportive” of the crèche and praise the team. They say they are “very satisfied” with the care and learning their children receive. Parents who are new to the industry say they feel comfortable and reassured by how quickly their children are settling in.

‘I’m over the moon’

Manager Deb has spoken of the relief she now feels after Ofsted’s recent good inspection at Puddleducks. She said: “I’m absolutely over the moon!

“This latest report reflects the improvements we have made over the past six months, which began as soon as we received the previous inspection. The team and I have put in six months of hard work and it is great to see it finally paying off, I’m even able to train staff to get higher qualifications which will no doubt be more useful to us in the future.”

Visit here to read the full Ofsted report for Puddleducks Childcare, Yarm.

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