• Develop and standardize procedures and methods to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project implementation and delivery.
  • Continuous improvement of project KPIs such as delivery times, budget costs and expenditure forecasts.
  • Ensures that all plant investment projects are carried out in accordance with technical, time and financial requirements taking into account company rules and guidelines.
  • Leads the team and controls the project on development results, quality, deadlines and costs.
  • Responsible for the project budget.
  • Represents the project internally and externally in all its aspects (client, supplier).
  • Manages project changes and issues and prevents project risks by defining and implementing appropriate countermeasures in agreement with the steering team.
  • Responsible for the project budget. Ensure equipment standardization and compliance with central engineering.
  • Initiate technical assistance request documents for central technical assistance on capital improvement projects.
  • Manage the fixed costs of the service.
  • Responsible for managing and controlling budgets and costs for capital improvement projects.
  • Monitor and control change management requests on capital improvement projects.
  • Advise and assist project technicians and engineers on various implementation points.
  • Ensure clear and accurate investment reports for all business units for plant operations reviews, internal and external reviews.
  • Ensure clear reporting for all capital improvement projects for quarterly plant efficiency reviews.
  • General reports on costs, time spent and deliverables of all capital projects.
  • Progress reports to stakeholders on various investment projects.
  • Ensure standardization of equipment and compliance with central engineering specifications.
  • Help initiate training requirements for maintenance personnel at various facilities.
  • Issue procedures and work instructions, ensure the implementation of measures and maintain controls,
    raise awareness, provide regular ESH training and provide information on ESH responsibilities and duties.
  • Ensure immediate notification and response, and initiate preventative action in the event of dangerous or polluting hazards – demonstrate exemplary personal ESH behavior and motivate others.
  • Ensure that best practices and standards are followed in order to comply with legal and statutory requirements.
  • Review and evaluate the work performance of project department staff.
  • Initiate training and development projects department staff as necessary.
  • Recruitment of new employees for the project department.
  • Ensure that the knowledge and skills base of the project department is sufficient to ensure the success of capital projects.
  • Implementation throughout the plant.
  • Manage resource allocations between different investment projects.


  • Bachelor/Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering
  • 5 years experience in machine commissioning, if possible, in the manufacturing industry
  • 2-3 years of experience managing a small group of individuals
  • Led several projects to improve, refurbish, upgrade or install machinery

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