MARBLEHEAD, MA — The City of Marblehead Clerk’s Office will conduct its first election recount in 18 years on Monday after a close race for municipal light commissioner resulted in 19 votes.

Marblehead clerk Robin Michaud told Patch that Walter Homan requested the recount and the petition was certified. She said there were no automatic recount triggers under city bylaws.

The clerk’s office will be closed on Monday during the recount.

The three-way race for two open spots on the Lumière Commission has been tight with official election results showing Michael Hull in first place with 2,797 votes, Jean-Jacques Yarmoff in second with 2,626 votes and Homan in third with 2,607.

Election results show nine ballots cast for other candidates and 3,663 blank ballots in the running.

According Massachusetts General Law“Each candidate for the position in question or person representing either side of a voting question is authorized to attend the counting, accompanied by one or more lawyers if he so wishes.

“Each candidate or representative may also be represented by proxies. It is permitted to have up to one proxy for each officer or clerk reading the ballots or recording the votes. Such proxies must be appointed by the candidate or the attorney in writing and have the right, together with the candidate and his attorney, to monitor and inspect the ballots, tally sheets and all other papers used in the counting, and to monitor every individual act performed in relation to the counting.

“The general public can also attend the recount but cannot participate in it.”

Driven by two tax override issues, the June 21 annual municipal elections drew a high turnout that forced the city to use photocopied ballots late in the day after running out of printed ballots.

These photocopied ballots then had to be counted manually because they could not be read by the ballot scanner.

(Scott Souza is a Patch Editor covering Beverly, Danvers, Marblehead, Peabody, Salem and Swampscott. He can be reached at [email protected] Twitter: @Scott_Souza.)