BOSCOBEL – Residents of the town of Boscobel exercised their right to vote in the first leg of the town’s mayoral race on Tuesday, February 15.

The winners were announced that evening with Brenda Kalish leading with 167 votes, Robin Baumeister following with 130 votes and Kurt Hoeper receiving 127 votes. With that tally, Kalish and Baumeister have been selected to contest the polls in the April 5 election.

On Thursday, Feb. 17, Boscobel Town Administrator Misty Molzof received a request for a recount from Kurt Hoeper and arrangements were made for a recount on Friday, Feb. 18 at 2 p.m.

The city employed five election workers who also worked the election to run the recount. Molzof noted that it took just over an hour to manually count the 424 individual ballots.

“The recount turned out exactly the same as the election results,” Molzof said.

“424 ballots, 167 for Brenda Kalish, 139 for Robin Baumeister and 127 for Kurt Hoeper.”

Three witnesses were present for the recount, including Kurt Hoeper, Robin Baumeister and Theresa Acker.

“Since the election results were less than 10 votes apart, the aggrieved candidate did not have to pay the cost of the recount,” Molzof noted. “The total cost of the recount to city ratepayers was approximately $400 for salaries, mileage and supplies.”