A key figure in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall attempt has filed a recount request in the race from the Nevada County Clerk/Registrar of Electors on behalf of Jason Tedder.

However, the electoral law – and the fact that it is the clerk-archivist race that is being told – is potentially throwing a spanner in the works.

Randy Economy — senior adviser and spokesperson for last year’s recall effort and former candidate for the State Equalization Board — filed a request over the holiday weekend for the recount, along with a request to review election materials in the June 7 primary election. .

He’s also a conservative Coachella Valley talk show host, according to Politico.

Nathalie Adona

According to Economy, the Nevada County race has been brought to his attention and he has been focusing on it for months.

“I’m really concerned about how this little county is emblematic of many small counties in California,” Economy said Tuesday.

There is something worth considering in local elections, Economy said.

“Just my observation and dealings with agencies like this,” he added.

Tedder could not be reached for comment.

The Nevada County vote, certified last week, shows Natalie Adona winning the clerk-recorder race with 22,800 votes, or 67.9 percent. Tedder received 7,843 votes, or 23.3%. Paul Gilbert collected 2,942 votes, 8.8%.

“It could take hours,” Economy said of the recount. “It could take months. It could take days. It does not matter. There is no price for democracy.

Election law states that the person requesting the recount is responsible for its cost. This cost must be paid before the start of the recount.

“And it has to be done daily,” said Greg Diaz, clerk-recorder/registrar of voters.

Jason Tedder

Diaz said he didn’t know the exact cost of the recount, but estimated it could be $3,000 to $5,000 a day.

The fact that it involves his office adds a twist.

Since the counting involves running for office, the law states that the governing body must appoint someone other than the election official to conduct the counting. In addition, the recount must begin no later than seven days after receipt of the request.

According to County Attorney Kit Elliott, supervisors at their regular Tuesday meeting will consider who to appoint and make recommendations on who should sit on a special recount board.

“And then the recount will have to start immediately,” she added.

The economy also requested access to several documents, including invoices for election materials, copies of email ballots, and all conditional and provisional ballots.

Diaz said his office could provide some documents, but not all.

The law states that all ballots can be examined but not touched without the consent of the person supervising the counting.

“People have a right to be involved and that’s what I’m going to do,” Economy said.

Alan Riquelmy is the editor of The Union. He can be reached at [email protected] or 530-477-4249