According to reports, Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag has set five new training rules for footballers and they will not be broken.

The Dutch manager is just two weeks into his job at Old Trafford with the team, however, big changes are happening since then.

According to a report by sports bible: The 52-year-old is already changing the way of life at Carrington Training Complex and has set five new rules.

1. Players will be removed if they are late for training or team meetings

One aspect that has bothered many Manchester United fans over recent seasons is the power certain players seem to have over the hierarchy or manager of the club.

Erik Ten Hag will have no tolerance no matter how important the player is to the team, his position is to show the players that he is in charge of the team.

The Dutchman will have no trouble reminding unruly players that sometimes sacrifices are needed to make way for the greater good of the club.

2. Alcohol is prohibited during match weeks

Alcohol is something to be handled with care. This can sometimes be seen in British culture as a way of celebrating a victory, and that’s normal.

However, its consumption has negative effects, mentally and physically, because an athlete who needs to be at the top of his performance will not do him a favor.

3. All players must eat what is prepared by club chefs

Most players today have their own chefs to prepare their meals. There are several reasons for this.

For example, to have someone monitor their calorie consumption or because they simply don’t have time to cook themselves due to their busy routine.

Despite the reasons it can create problems for clubs if a player has a private chef, it is difficult for staff to keep track of what players are putting into their bodies.

Now Erik Ten Hag has introduced a new rule that requires all players to eat at club chefs.

The Dutch manager wants the same chefs to cook every meal for them. Players cannot have personal leaders.

The former Ajax manager also decided to adjust Carrington’s menu, with vegetables and fish becoming the preferred option.

4. Body mass index (BMI) to be checked monthly

The test will be the best way to track players’ fitness and overall fitness, Erik Ten Hag wants the club to stay on top of players’ BMI.

BMI is a measurement calculated as your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. There is a “range” of healthy numbers that your BMI should fall within.

Keeping control of this will allow Erik Ten Hag and his team to manage player training or food as needed and also keep a much better view of each player’s needs.

5. Players should approach him directly rather than their agents

It has become a common topic within the club when complaints from players come from their agents.

Sharing any issues with management or the club with their agents rather than the club itself only creates a toxic environment.

With this rule, the Dutch manager is trying to create a stronger bond with his players and at the same time cut off the media circus that happens every time a player doesn’t like something happening at the club.

With these five new changes, Erik Ten Hag will create a sense of unity and authority within his team. To be something that has been lacking during one of the club’s worst decades.

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