Some areas of the country have exceptional real estate prices and markets. Many times these places will sell homes at or above the asking price. This is the case of San Francisco.

Danielle Lazier is a real estate agent in San Francisco, California. She has worked in the industry for over 20 years and has learned many tricks and techniques to help move homes closer to and above asking prices.

Location has a lot to do with price, as some Bay Area areas charge higher prices due to amenities such as shopping and schools. Other reasons can be related to the size of houses and lots, as larger houses will have higher prices.

Lazier de Vivre Real Estate real estate agents have considerable success moving homes at or above asking price. The secret is knowing what to do to get the house in perfect selling condition. It starts with depersonalization.

“The first thing I tell my clients is to take everything off the walls. There should be no photos of family, children or personal effects in the house. The goal is for the new owner to imagine themselves in the house, and that’s not possible if they see other families around them,” Lazier said, speaking as a working real estate agent. in San Francisco.

Sellers should also schedule a Saturday or Sunday outing so the real estate agent can show the house without anyone there. Potential buyers want to be able to walk around the house, peek into bedrooms and bathrooms without appearing to intrude. The only way this can happen is in an empty house.

Danielle Lazier Vivre Real Estate is the leading real estate agency serving San Francisco. The website has complete listings along with the necessary contact details.

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