East sell sunset Season 6 in preparation? Read on to find out more.

Over the past few years, Netflix has seen a boom in the arrival of various reality series. Just a reminder for those who don’t know, a reality show focuses its lens on real-life celebrities and follows their daily lives amid luxury, drama, and plenty of challenges. One such reality series that has attracted many viewers over the years is Sell ​​sunset.

sell sunset follows the lives of realtors in the Oppenheim Group, a leading real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles. This is where the TV series follows the lives of agents, both professional and private. The TV series is created by Adam DiVello and its first season aired on March 21, 2019. The second season followed on May 22, 2020 and the third season arrived towards the end of the same year. While the fourth season aired on November 24, 2021, the fifth season aired earlier this year.

Season 5 bumped the rating to No. 1 in Netflix’s top 10. Again proving that sell sunset is one of the best productions the streamer has ever had.

Now that we have reached the end of season 5 and the finale ends with a cliffhanger, viewers are waiting for season 6. Somewhat to assuage viewer angst, Netflix has held another special episode with a members reunion which had been released in May. 6, 2022.

Still, the question that remains is whether or not we get another new season. And the answer is a big yes. According to We WeeklyNetflix has already renewed the show for seasons 6 and 7. Everything was done last January.

Here’s everything we know so far about Selling Sunset Season 6.

sale sunset season 6

Is Selling Sunset season 6 coming to Netflix in June?

There is no confirmation as to the date Selling Sunset Season 6 will be coming to Netflix. That’s because we haven’t received an official statement from the streamer or creator about the new season yet. According to reports, filming will not begin until the end of the year. This is because members take time off as during this period they will have other developments both in their professional and private lives. So when they’re back for another new season, we’re not left out of drama and feuds. But it also means that it is unreasonable to ask Selling Sunset Season 6 just now.

Sell ​​Sunset Season 6 Trailer

Since there hadn’t been an official date, nor the start of filming, a trailer is almost a remote possibility. Although Tan France gave confirmation saying Bring It On Season 6. These cases only give members hope to come back. You can rewatch the Season 5 trailer here.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Cast

We expect the same cast to return for Selling Sunset Season 6 unless there are new additions to the cast:

  • Chrishell Strause
  • Christine Quinn
  • Jason Oppenheim
  • Heather Rae El Moussa
  • Amanza Smith
  • Emma Hermann
  • Davin Portratz
  • Maya Vander
  • Vanessa Villela
  • Mary Fitzgerald
  • Romain Bonnet
  • Brett Oppenheim

What has happened since season 5?

The cast had undergone a major change in their personal lives. According to Marie Claire, Maya opened her own brokerage in Miami under the name Maya Vander Group, and Christine started her own real estate company with her husband. After Jason Oppenheim teased her for not having a place in his company, Christine hit back with her Tiktok video saying she terminated her contract a long time ago.

sale sunset season 6

In other news, Heather underwent in vitro fertilization treatments last December and she is currently planning to wait for the new baby to arrive. Chrishell has also met someone who will join Selling Sunset Season 6 like a new face. Also, Mary Fitzgerald decides to freeze her eggs. She confirmed that Heather and Chrishell advised her on this.

If the procedure goes well and coincides with the shooting schedule, it may as well be recorded on camera. Even Chrishell shed some light on his family planning ideas in an interview with People. She wants to keep all her options open. On the other hand, in an interview with Today, Chelsea have said they are ready to return for further seasons. This is where she will show her skills and how she gets through the toughest times.

sale sunset season 6

Selling spin-offs on Netflix

According to VarietyNetflix has decided Sale spin off. Reported as two different series, Sell ​​CO and Sell ​​the Tampa. Sell ​​CO will be based out of Oppenheim’s new office in Newport Beach and filming for it began last November. You can watch the teaser here.

That’s all the information we have about the show and its future. Keep watching this space for more!