sell sunset Real estate broker Davina Potratz has come to the defense of her co-star Christine Quinn, after trolls accused her of faking a pregnancy.

Her baby Christian Georges Dumontet was first introduced to the world last May, but some critics have refused to believe she gave birth naturally, despite being reminded of the traumatic experience five months later.

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“Christine was completely pregnant. I saw her belly. She called me from the hospital the day she gave birth. I saw her C-section scar,” she said.

“We were on FaceTime. She was absolutely pregnant and gave birth to her son. Why should anyone hate her because [of] this? It is not fair. It’s really hurtful, you know, when someone says she didn’t give birth.”

Potratz continued, “I can’t lie about something I don’t know, but I will defend something I do know. She was really pregnant and she really gave birth to her child.

“It doesn’t matter if people support her or don’t support her, that part is true.”

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Before little Christian’s arrival, his famous mum suggested that she would raise him in a neutral way.

“Whether it is a boy or a girl, our nursery is always neutral and will remain so until we have further discussions when the child is older.

“I just think people put too much emphasis on men or women, and in the world these days there’s so much more to that and more important things,” she said.

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