sell sunsetJason Oppenheim has finally responded to claims that the show’s scenes are “fake”, after he was hilariously spotted making a pretty huge mistake in new season five clips.

The new series dropped at the end of April and, while fans had plenty of drama to discuss, all eyes turned to Jason after a filming error appeared to imply scenes from the series had been staged. . To recap, the clip in question showed Jason making a call while his camera app was very visibly open on his phone, leading fans to believe the call was entirely fake.

Fans at the time of course found the whole thing quite hilarious with the moment taking over TikTok. And now Jason himself has spoken out in response to the clip.


In a video shot by TMZ, Jason was asked about the whole call situation, with the real estate broker responding, “It wasn’t a fake phone call.” Jason then recreated the situation in the video, calling his assistant while opening his camera app to prove the call was real.

He explained, “It’s not that complicated. Of course it was a…I know it was a real call, so I know it works.” When asked how it all happened, he replied, “I have no idea. All I know is that I was talking to the client.”

Well, here it is, straight out of the horse’s mouth.

At the time, fans hilariously responded to the moment on Twitter, with one viewer writing, “My vibe today is Jason talking to his camera pretending to call a client.”

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So still great meme content anyway, thanks Jason.

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