Sell ​​Tampa released on Netflix on December 15, 2021 and instantly became the favorite new reality series for many subscribers. the Sell ​​Tampa the cast brought the drama this season, and I loved every second of it! Now curious minds wonder if there will be a Sell ​​Tampa season 2. We share with you what we know about a potential second season below.

If you’re not already familiar with this hit Netflix original series (which you should), it follows all-female Allure Realty in Tampa, Florida. Viewers can see successful real estate agents balancing their personal and professional lives.

When the reality TV series hit Netflix, it didn’t take long for it to become a trending topic due to the dramatic moments of the season. Now that most of us have completed the first season, we’re ready to see more of this show. So will there be a Sell ​​Tampa season 2?

How many seasons are Selling Tampa?

Currently there is only one season of Sell ​​Tampa, and it’s available to stream on Netflix.

Will there be a Selling Tampa season 2?

At the time of writing (January 3), Netflix does not have the green light Sell ​​Tampa for a second season. However, it’s still relatively early in the process as the show just released in December. Netflix typically waits a few months before renewing a series to see where the number of viewers is. And see as if Sell ​​Tampa is a new show, the streamer might be hesitant to give the go-ahead for a second season so soon.

We’ll keep you posted when more information becomes available on a potential second season.

Sell ​​the number of episodes of season 2 of Tampa

As we mentioned earlier, the reality series has not been renewed for a second season, so there is no official episode count. However, if there is to be a second season, we would expect the new season to consist of eight episodes like the first season.

Sell ​​the cast of season 2 of Tampa

An official Season 2 cast list has not been announced as the series has yet to be renewed. However, we expect the majority of the Season 1 cast to return in Season 2. Additionally, there are some cast members whose fate is pending due to events that occurred during the season. season 1.

We list the possible cast members below:

  • Sharelle Rosado
  • Reeves Colony
  • Anne-Sophie Petit
  • Juawana williams
  • Karla Giorgio
  • Tennille Moore

Sell ​​the synopsis of season 2 of Tampa

A potential second season will always follow in the lives of Allure Realty realtors. Based on how things ended in Season 1, some questions remain unanswered. In Season 1, Sharelle found out that she was pregnant and that the father of her unborn child is based in Miami. Will Sharelle move to Miami in season 2?

Alexis gets fired from Allure Realty for declining sales. Could she be rehired at the brokerage house? Finally, we see Rena signing the lease for her own brokerage house. Will we see Allure Realty and Rena’s new brokerage clash?

With a bit of luck, Sell ​​Tampa is renewed for a second season in order to answer these questions.

When is Selling Tampa Season 2 filming?

Season 2 production has not started because the TV series has not been renewed. If Netflix decides to renew the series for a second season, we would expect filming to begin right away. We just need the renewal announcement.

Selling Tampa Season 2 release date

As the reality TV series has not been renewed, no official season 2 release date has been announced. We’ll need a little more information to determine when exactly we might see a second season on Netflix. However, if Netflix renews the series anytime soon, we think there’s a good chance we could see Season 2 in 2022.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news and coverage on Sell ​​Tampa season 2!