Four Republican senators are proposing a public-private partnership to repair and improve soccer fields used by the Guam National Youth Soccer Federation.

Bill 332 would allow private entities to pay money up front, instead of getting various forms of tax credits over time. It was presented by Sens. James Moylan, Chris Duenas, Frank Blas and Tony Ada.

Public-private partnerships have proven effective in improving other facilities and roads, according to a press release from Moylan.

They spread the tax credits over the years, which essentially becomes an interest-free loan to the public sector. Moylan said in the statement that the legislation would improve field conditions, lighting, safety and other issues.

The Eagles defeated Hal’s Angels for the Matua Division of the Triple J Ford Guam National Youth Soccer Federation Divisional Championship on August 20, 2022. Four senators are proposing a public-private partnership to repair soccer fields.

“Because each of the five areas has unique issues, the measure does not take a one-size-fits-all approach,” he said.

The federation includes nearly 1,000 children divided into three leagues.

“Youth football has been proven to promote healthier lifestyles, create a competitive spirit among young minds, build lasting friendships and help build a child’s character,” said Moylan. “It has also provided many children with an alternative to keep them occupied, so they are not drawn into troubling situations. The league also encourages family bonds, as evidenced every weekend throughout the season.

Moylan said public-private partnerships have helped racing and soccer leagues over the years, he said.

Moylan is running for congressional delegate, where he faces no opposition in the primaries. Ada, a candidate for lieutenant governor on a ticket with former governor Felix Camacho, is also unopposed in the primary. Duenas and Blas are both candidates for re-election to the Legislative Assembly.