Students at one of Sydney’s most expensive private schools have been caught on camera using fake $50 notes in an attempt to scam an eastern suburbs newsagent out of $100.

Although he initially managed to get away with the alleged crime at Double Bay Newsagency, a Scots College student on $40,000 a year returned two days later to try the same scam again, The telegraph of the day reported.

The original alleged fraud video shows three students at the news agency counter as one purchases a pen. A second student in a blue shirt asks to exchange four $50 bills for two $100 bills and looks nervous as he searches his wallet for the money.

Store manager Jim Cho said, “He gave away a lot of $50 bills and put the two fakes with two real ones together.”

According to Mr Cho, another student from the original group returned two days later to get even more money from the small business – but he could see the notes were smaller than normal size and knew at the time. origin that they were false.

Mr Cho then did his own detective work in Double Bay, printing out photos of the suspects and posting CCTV footage to YouTube.

He contacted the school. He said teachers from the school showed up at the store and tried to play down the incident, but Mr Cho insisted he will file a complaint with the police.

In a statement, Scots College Principal Ian Lambert said: “The owner of the business has been contacted and a full refund has been made”.

‘The College is cooperating with NSW Police and will continue to advise the student and work with his parents until the incident is fully resolved,’ he said.

“The College is taking the situation very seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken once all the facts have been determined.”

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