The sale of Tampa only lasted one season before being canceled and some members of the all-black cast believe the snub may have been due to racism.

by Netflix Sell ​​Tampa the spin-off was canceled after just one season and all-black cast members say it’s due to racism. The show debuted last December and introduced Sharelle Rosado’s Allure Reality to Netflix’s lineup of real estate-based shows. It was the first official Selling Sunset spin-off and featured the first all-black, all-female cast. Fans have been waiting for news of a follow-up season that will follow the ladies and Allure’s Miami expansion.


However, it was confirmed on Friday that the entire show was cut short after executive producer Adam DiVello decided to pull the plug and there is one. Sell ​​Tampa cast member who calls out racism. “When they show us [black women] in a different light – when we bicker and argue and curse – they get a season 2 and a season 3, but that’s not what we were showing,“said Juawana Colbert page 6. “I feel like we weren’t given a second chance, maybe because of what we represent as minority women.” The show followed Sharelle, Allure’s head broker, and her team of female color agents. Besides Sharelle and Juawana, other cast members include Colony Reeves, Anne-Sophie Petit, Tennille Moore, Karla Giorgo, Rena Frazier, and Alexis Williams.

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Selling Tampa was ‘No. 1 in several countries’

Sell ​​Tampa

Juawana says the cast was eagerly waiting to find out if they would start filming a new season. Last week, the ladies were asked to join a Zoom call with DiVello and show producer Skyler Wakil where they learned the bad news. “Adam specifically said [the decision] was linked to the numbers but never gave any additional information“said Juawana.”I don’t know if he was talking about evaluation figures or budget figures. He just said numbers.” An insider who asked to remain anonymous said the ladies received the “run around“all year when it came to whether or not the show would return. The source also says the producers received “hundreds” of “Daily“calls from fans asking when the show would return, and they weren’t sure how to respond to inquiries.”We know that [‘Selling Tampa’] was No. 1 in several countries, and it did quite well“, adds the insider.

As for the ratings, the show did pretty well for Netflix at the time of its premiere. Sell ​​Tampa was the #1 show on Netlfix within 24 hours of its release, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The show highlighted small differences between the ladies, but mostly focused on their goal of becoming the number one luxury agency in Tampa. Viewers criticized Sharelle’s management style regarding her obvious favoritism towards Juawana and seemingly placing her in positions that would make other agents jealous. Rena Frazier became frustrated and considered quitting and opening her own brokerage. She also attempted to take a few Allure agents with her.

The show also followed Sharelle’s personal life at home with her children and her relationship with former NFL star Chad Johnson. Back then Sell ​​Tampa ended, Sharelle was pregnant with Chad’s baby. The couple have since welcomed their daughter and were likely looking forward to updating fans on their lives in a second season. There is still Sell ​​COwhich is the direct spin-off of the Oppenheim Group sell sunset series. While the cancellation may have been due to ratings, it’s worth noting that the show with the most racial diversity was the one that was axed. DiVello may have another spinoff up his sleeve, and fans are hoping he continues the legacy of diverse representation in the real estate market.

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