With Netflix reeling from a slew of bad titles, stemming from its upcoming crackdown on password sharing and feeling that the streamer has lost a step in the past two years when it comes to quality, what is that I see? Open the Netflix app, and there in the top spot on the list of top 10 Netflix shows in the US today – sell sunset. A reality show about gorgeous LA real estate agents that combines drama and luxury real estate into something Netflix calls a “docusoap.”

The show skyrocketed to No. 1 on Netflix because Season 5 just dropped on the streamer on Friday. That’s right. Netflix has canceled people’s favorite shows right and left, often not making it past season two or three. But docusoaps and cakey reality shows have no trouble exploding on the service. Go figure.

sell sunset Season 5

“Sell the sunseta Netflix reality series set in the high-end real estate world of Los Angeles, follows seven of the city’s most successful female real estate agents who all work under one roof at the #1 agency in Hollywood Hills and the Sunset Strip,” reads Netflix. official synopsis of the new 10-episode season.

Al 11th episode, a reunion special, arrives May 6th.

“They work hard and play harder, as they compete against the fierce Los Angeles market and each other. These ladies will do whatever it takes to reach the top of their game, while trying to keep their personal lives intact. This season, the ladies face even more breathtaking mansions, shocking new romances, and explosive truths that will change their lives, relationships, and careers forever.

Could that be part of the reason Netflix reported its first quarterly subscriber loss in more than a decade earlier this week? And why did the streamer say it expects to lose another 2 million subscribers in the next quarter?

Best Netflix Reality Series

That’s an argument you could make. The more time passes, the longer I have a Netflix subscription? The less I feel like I’m stumbling across some truly unforgettable, must-watch titles on Netflix. I know they’re there, but you have to wade through about seven layers of shit to find them.

ozark, for example. Its final episodes arrive in less than a week. And it’s an example of one of the best Netflix shows of all time.

Chrishell Stause, left, in Season 5 of Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset‘. Image source: Netflix

But if you look at the rest of the list of top 10 TV shows in the US on Netflix right now, in the meantime, there are actually two other reality series dominating the streamer right now.

They include The ultimatum: get married or move onfrom the creators of Netflix Love is blind. Plus another “docusoap,” as Netflix calls them: Married at first sight. Difficult pass. If you need me, I’ll be here to catch up on Apple’s new masterful series, Pachinko.

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