Stephen and Donald Glover (Getty)

*Donald Glover and his colleagues – writers for the FX series »Atlanta” recently said he was racially harassed in London while filming the show’s final season. At a TCA press conference, Stephen Glover, The show’s executive producer and Donald’s younger brother have shared how they were approached by a group of guys during filming and engaged them in what initially appeared to be innocent conversation.

According to Stephen, 31, a group of white people approached them and seemed to notice or recognize Donald. She had to stop what she was doing, and the group – a girl and about two or three guys – started asking for a good place to have a drink. During the short conversation, one of the guys said that the crew could probably break into a bar since they (the crew) are all carrying hammers – slang for guns.

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Atlanta Distribution (FX)
Atlanta Distribution (FX)

Unfortunately, since all of the “Atlanta” writers are black, that meant that – in stereotypical white thinking – every crew member owns a gun and can easily sneak into the place for a drink. Despite being insulting, they ignored the awful remarks. However, when the team didn’t take the remarks too seriously or personally, the white group bully got more specific and told this team that they probably went to jail for possessing unlicensed weapons. , theft among other crimes.

The bully kept doubling down on his totally unfounded accusations, and another guy (of the bullies) even told their female counterpart to run away because she could probably be raped. The girl was dragged into the middle of her “I’m sorry” remarks, and Stephen described the situation as pretty bad. Donald added that they stood there confused and unsure of what had happened and what to do. The team shot the third and fourth seasons simultaneously and confirmed that the fourth season of the show will be its final.