Sgo into the showdown to find out who will be crowned the new chief of staff of the army in Pakistan? There’s a new magnet – the sale of the Saudi Crown Prince’s million dollar gift set by former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. The gift set, made by British jeweler Graff, included a diamond-studded wristwatch, a ring, cufflinks and a pen. Like any true-crime podcast, the story of the pawned state gifts is far more outrageous, thrilling and sensational than the selection of a new army chief – who, by the way, all wear the same uniform, if not the watch, and do what pleases them best.

Never in our history have we heard of a prime minister selling Toshakhana gifts in an open market. Thank Imran Khan for the small mercies. Going through the thriller of the watch sold and bought, now we have been introduced to a buyer of the gift set in Dubai who claims to have paid $2 million while the real price of the custom piece is valued at $12 million . Umar Farooq Zahoor holds the watch and other accessories in various primetime TV shows appearances. But the former prime minister claims Zahoor is not the one the watch was sold to. A silver lining, at least nobody denies selling it.

Watches win matches

If Zahoor is not the buyer, then why does he have the gift that Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) gave Imran Khan? Who is the real buyer? Certainly not MBS. And neither the dilapidated shop in Islamabad called Art of Time with the kachi Receipts submitted as official evidence. There ‘mera tohfa, meri marzi’ (my gift, my choice) justification no longer works, nor does its past claim of “constructed road by selling expensive state gifts”. Panicked, the Imran Khan team denied any association with the Dubai-based businessman, calling Zahoor “an international fraudster, a criminal‘.

But then the same ‘fraudster‘ was present at official meetings of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). Fawad Chaudhry, who in a statement acted vehemently as not knowing Zahoor, was simultaneously found WhatsApping him. Chaudhry is known to have sometimes sought redress for his party’s chairman over these allegations, and at other times revealed that there was more than one “missing” watch. Buckle up, there’s more twists in this ghari saga than a plate of spaghetti.

Crime Master Gogi

The fascinating character in the whole saga is someone named Farah Gogi whose Dubai businessman claims to have received the Graff gift and to whom he made the cash payment in person. But this is not his debut. In the twisted affairs of the past regime, his name (or rather his names) arose – this is the curious case of Farah Gogi alias Farah Gujjar or Farah Khan or Farhat Shehzadi. Or, as her husband nicknames her, “Faree”. What’s really in a name when you’re introduced as the First Lady’s best friend at the time? Bushra Khan and Farah Gogi can be described as this couple who eats together, prays together and trades together. Gogi has always been seen alongside the former First Lady in her official engagements, be it her visits to mental health hospitals or so-called research centers for science and Sufism. If Bushra was there, Farah was not far away. The two remained as their captain’s opening batsmen.

If the world knows Lady Gaga, Pakistan’s export is Lady Gogi on the run. Gogi first became famous not only because of her Birkin bags or Hermes shoes, rumors that she was the “real” chief minister of Punjab, or collecting bribes on the civilian and police transfer and assignments in the province as spokesperson for the Ffirst lady and prime minister. Don’t you dare to question the commitments of Gogi, Arsalan beta will link it to ghaddari. While Imran Khan is the first to run to the defense of Gogi — “Woh bechaari real estate ka kaam karti hai (poor woman works in real estate)” – her party leaders just say “We don’t know Gogi”. How can you not know someone who was a prime minister’s property dealer and administrator of his favorite Al Qadir institute of “higher powers”. The university, built on land with 458 canals donated by business tycoon Malik Riaz, was Imran Khan’s promise to make roohaniyat (spirituality) a great science. But three years later, it has 37 students and millions of rupees in donations. And we thought while generating bijli of jinn, Bushra and Imran would put an end to our electricity bill problems.

In a leaked audio call, Malik Riaz’s daughter says Gogi was upset that a three-carat diamond was given to the former First Lady. She argues that only a five-carat diamond will complete Bushra’s stature: “It’s no big deal for the First Lady to own a three-carat ring, and it was beneath her (Riaz’s daughter) to send something anyone could own.” In another more damaging audio, PTI chief Aleem Khan recounts how former Director General of Inter-Agency Intelligence Asim Munir was removed from his post after informing Imran Khan that a bribe from Malik Riaz in the form of a set of diamonds had come to the PM house Luckily the same Lieutenant General is now high on the list to become the next COAS.

Now, it would be a tragedy if Khan, after the coming revelations of the sale of numerous sets of Toshakhana diamonds, claims ignorance. Because it will not be happiness in his case. Especially when he educated qat M on how former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s wife loved expensive necklaces and bracelets and was involved in corrupt practices like her husband. By the way, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption. Just say. Not forgetting Khan’s Treasure of Wisdom: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was questioned by the police, not the opposition. His crime? He took state gifts.

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head of the ummah

What started at home with the sale of bhains and bakris (cattle) from the Prime Minister’s household in the name of austerity in 2018 has now become a scandal in its own right, with Mr and Mrs Khan keeping-selling all their state gifts. We know that the former Prime Minister complained that his monthly salary was insufficient and that he could not run his house there. But was the situation so bad that he had to take even a tea set worth 3,500 PKR from the Toshakhana?

Imagine the image of a leader fashioned around religiosity, camouflaged with rosaries, and pretending to make Pakistan a model state of Medina. Who then sells a gift watch with images of Mecca without any qualms? The irony is that he is also certified as sadistic and amine (truthful and honest) by former Chief Justice Asif Khosa. Imran is now hunted with the chants of ‘ghari chorghari chor’ by people. Yet the PTI thinks its biggest problem is that Google shows images of Imran Khan when searching’Ghari chor’.

For more than a decade, Imran has cited Hazrat Umar as a leader, stood for responsibility (“Allah gave me everything, I wanted nothing,” Imran said), told fables about wearing the torn salwar kameez and projected himself as the next Tayyip Erdogan. The top leader of the Muslim ummah, who has promised to enforce the green passport, did not have time to dwell on the prices of tamatar, pyaaz because he was too busy playing the role of OLX ambassador. I wonder what the real rulers of the ummah think their gifts were cheated by a Pakistani Prime Minister.

The author is a freelance journalist from Pakistan. His Twitter handle is @nailainayat. Views are personal.

(Edited by Humra Laeeq)