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The good news hidden in the bond market losses in 2021

Low correlations mean bonds move when stocks move Read more

Value has far outpaced growth – now top value stock picks on investment newsletters

Since the end of November, a value index based on the S&P 500 has gained 8%, against a loss of 0.9% for its growth counterpart. Read more

These market pros are stubbornly bullish about stocks – and you should be worried about it

“Buy down” sabotages the upside potential of the stock market. Read more

This is the key level of support for the S&P 500 – and it’s not far from it

As has been the case for some time, stock market interns are not strong. Read more

20 cheap value stocks Wall Street plans to raise by up to 58%

Value stocks have outperformed growth stocks over the past month. Even so, they still look exceptionally cheap compared to growth stocks. Read more

Why the bull market will stay alive in 2022 – plus 8 cheap stocks for your money now

Top 3 Newsletter Writers Share Their Favorite Picks For The Year To Come. Read more

Where is the market heading in 2022? Here’s What Two Professional Mind Readers Say

Veteran mentalists Oz Pearlman and Alex Voz, who previously worked in financial services, gave MarketWatch their predictions Read More

This Cash Cow Value Equity Strategy Can Fatten Your Portfolio Even If You Fear the Fed

A rising interest rate environment means risk for overvalued stocks. Companies with high cash flow may offer some protection to investors. Read more

23 dividend-paying stocks that can pass this strict quality criterion

The group, which originated from the S&P 500, exhibits low volatility and solid sales growth over the past year. Read more

These 12 “Dividend Aristocrat” actions were the best sources of income over 5 years

Faithful investors in companies that have increased their payouts quickly, including Target and McDonald’s, have been rewarded with excellent stock market performance. Read more

These are the stocks that Wall Street analysts strongly favor for 2022 and also expect to rise the most.

Caesars, General Motors, Salesforce and PayPal are among 20 S&P 500 stocks on the list Read More

US small-cap stocks will likely lag behind the S&P 500 next year, according to DataTrek. Here’s why.

The Russell 2000 Index will likely underperform the S&P 500 in 2022, according to DataTrek Research. Read more

IPO disclosure is a mess – here’s a simple way to fix it

Rather than advocating for a uniform set of rules, the SEC should adopt a triggered disclosure framework. Read more

How ordinary young investors convinced a top billionaire trader to join them as a crypto bull

Private equity billionaire Orlando Bravo has become one of Wall Street’s biggest bitcoin bulls, steering his business towards crypto amid a fundraising windfall. Read more

Selling lucrative stocks in a bull market is a tough decision, but you’ll thank yourself when the bears take matters into their own hands.

Manage Taxes, Rebalance Your Portfolio, and Eliminate Big Tech: These New Year’s Resolutions can give your investment portfolio a healthier 2022. Find out more