TURNER — Overall city spending was $230,000 under budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year ending June 30, City Manager Kurt Schaub said Tuesday afternoon.

Although spending was down across the board, several accounts exceeded their allocations, primarily due to rising fuel costs. The accounts for the Fire and Rescue Services, Public Works Garage, Cemeteries and Parks, and Public Officers Association exceeded their budgets by about $44,100 combined, Schaub said. About $28,000 came from the rescue service.

In addition to higher fuel costs, the rescue service had more calls for service and transport to hospitals, as well as the cost of purchasing personal protective equipment. Although the increased use of the service is reflected in projected revenues of nearly $84,000 in the last fiscal year, the revenues and expenses of each service are blocked with the vote of the municipal assembly and cannot be used to balance the budget at the end of the year, the city manager said.

Instead, elected officials on Monday approved the allocation of the city’s $25,000 contingency fund to combined overspending. Each year, the city budget includes a provident fund for this purpose, Schaub said.

The board also approved the allocation of $19,100 of funds allocated to the city by the American Rescue Plan Act to the remainder of the balance. These funds will be reserved for the emergency service because, in addition to fuel, a large part of the excess costs incurred by the service were related to COVID.

In other news, Schaub said the city’s insurance will cover all but his $1,000 deductible to complete repairs to the city’s office building. At the end of June, a corroded pipe burst, flooding the town hall. Repairs include replacing drywall in one room, tiling in another, filling holes and replacing moldings throughout the building. Schaub said molding was removed in much of the building to drill holes in the sheetrock to dry it out and prevent mildew.

Contractor bids for the repairs go out this week and are due August 29. Schaub said the city hopes repairs will be completed by the end of September so the building will be “reconstructed well in time” for the November election.

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