The report states that at least 36 Twitter employees were questioned for the same.

According to a new report from New York Times.

The report titled “Two Weeks of Chaos: Inside Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter” outlines details of the mass layoffs, Mr. Musk’s decision to transform the company and new production deadlines set by “Chief Twit”. He also clarified that at least 36 Twitter employees were interviewed for the report.

The outlet said the fallout was “excruciating”, after interviewing 36 employees and going through internal documents and workplace chat logs. The documents showed that some of the top executives were summarily fired by email and added that an engineering manager, after being ordered to cut hundreds of workers, “vomited into a trash can while d ‘others slept in the office as they worked grueling hours to meet Mr. Musk’s order.’

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On November 2, employees came across an open channel in the internal Slack messaging system where human resources and legal teams were discussing layoffs. In a message seen by NYT, an employee said 3,738 workers could be laid off, or about half of the workforce. The message was widely shared internally. Employees started exchanging personal information to keep in touch and immediately started saying goodbye.

Mr Musk also alluded to the social media platform going bankrupt, after the company saw several senior executives leave the company. The billionaire told Twitter employees on a call he couldn’t rule out bankruptcy, Bloomberg News reported, two weeks after buying it for $44 billion – a deal that credit experts say , has left Twitter’s finances in a precarious position.

After the departure of three privacy and compliance officers, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said it was watching Twitter closely with “deep concern” that the company may violate legal requirements.

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