In the world of professional wrestling, rumors eventually spread, with speculation being a regular occurrence. From injured wrestlers to matches slated to take place, there’s always something popping up online. Sometimes, like Cody Rhodes’ return to WWE, they end up being true.

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However, there are plenty of occasions when the rumors end up being exactly that, and they never come to fruition. Even though everyone claims they are going to be true, sometimes even the top sources can add fuel to that fire. But, in the end, things don’t always turn out the way the internet pretends.

ten Vince McMahon sells WWE

From time to time, big business rumors take place about WWE, and this was the case when it came to this rumor. It had been speculated that Vince McMahon was preparing to sell the business, and it’s something that ended up having a lot of success online.

There was no real information to back up the rumors, and the idea of ​​Vince selling WWE shouldn’t go down the drain. But it ended up becoming a popular theory among some fans, though it was never proven to be true.

9 Randy Orton joins AEW

Rumors of wrestlers moving between promotions are pretty consistent in wrestling, but when it comes to big stars, it’s always interesting. When Randy Orton’s contract came around recently, fans started speculating that he would be joining AEW, and the Viper even played with it.

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He posted some teasing on social media, which added fuel to the fire. However, that was not to be the case, and in the end he opted to re-sign with WWE, committing his future to the company. Orton will likely be a one-company man, so any further rumors about his future will likely have the same outcome.


8 Four horsewomen face off

Fans have always wanted to see a fatal four-way match between WWE’s Four Horsewomen. The company has done an amazing job building them all up as individual stars, which is why people now want to see them come together for a match to see who’s the best.

This one would sell out due to the sheer talent involved, but it has yet to make it onto the main roster. WrestleMania 38 had been rumored, but as soon as Ronda Rousey returned, it became clear that was not going to happen.

7 Shane McMahon vs. Seth Rollins

Another widely rumored match for WrestleMania 38 was between Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon. When Shane returned to WWE at the 2022 Royal Rumble, there was a lot of speculation that he was setting up a match for him at the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

For some reason, Seth’s name was the one regularly mentioned to be his adversary, even though there had never been any real connection between them. In the end, Shane didn’t compete at all and Rollins faced a returning Cody Rhodes.

6 A forbidden door opening

When Mickie James was confirmed for the 2022 Royal Rumble, despite being the knockout champion in AEW, there was a ton of surprise. This shook everyone in the industry and created a rumor that someone was entering the forbidden door for the men’s game.

Moose was a name that was mentioned many times, with people expecting to see him, or someone else from another company in the game. However, this never happened and no one entered through the forbidden door from the male side.

5 Ric Flair at the head of Andrade El Idolo

It’s not just WWE that’s been running the rumor mill, as there’s also been a lot going on about AEW. One of them was that Ric Flair was going to end up being brought in by Tony Khan after his WWE run ended when they went their separate ways.

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An obvious situation was for him to manage Andrade El Idolo, who is in a relationship with Charlotte Flair. Many fans expected this to be the case as it would have added a lot of star power, but it didn’t as Ric still hasn’t appeared on the show.

4 Paige returns to the ring

Ever since wrestlers like Edge and Corey Graves started being medically cleared, a lot of attention has turned to Paige. She also had to quit because of her neck like Bryan Danielson, and she admitted to wanting to wrestle again if possible.

As the 2022 Royal Rumble approached, there were a lot of rumors that she appeared as a surprise entrant to get her back into wrestling. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, although it’s something fans hope can become a fact at some point.

3 The return of Alberto Del Rio

It’s a rumor that seems to crop up from time to time, mostly because Alberto Del Rio himself is telling the world he’ll be returning to a major promotion. This then sparks a lot of rumors as to whether he will and where it will end up happening.

However, that hasn’t happened yet, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it remained the case. Considering the negativity surrounding him with issues related to his personal and professional life, this rumor is unlikely to come true.

2 AJ Styles joins AEW

AJ Styles has been linked to joining AEW several times, with the first rumor coming when the company was founded. This came back more recently when his WWE contract was coming up, with many speculating that he would be joining several of his friends in AEW.

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However, AJ did the opposite, as he opted to re-sign with WWE, committing his future to the company instead. It’s a move that put an end to rumors that Styles might end up working elsewhere.

1 A WWE & NJPW partnership

When Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract was about to expire, there were a lot of rumors that he would stay. Indeed, WWE was rumored to be starting a working partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which could have been huge for the wrestling industry.

In the end, Bryan didn’t stay and he joined AEW, which has a deal with New Japan. However, Bryan admitted that he was told WWE was working on something, it’s true. But, there has not yet been a real partnership between the companies.

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