Welcome to Morningstar’s Good Money Week. I know what you’re thinking: it has to be ESG.

Well, hold your horses. Not necessarily.

In fairness, there is somewhat of an overlap with the topic of ESG, as investors often want to deploy their capital in a way that makes a difference, funds worthwhile projects, or solves the world’s (many) problems. But Good Money Week is broader than that.

Good Money Week is about your personal definition of financial happiness. These are your financial goals. It’s your version of what a good buy looks like. And it’s about learning (and unlearning) the financial behaviors that make us human. On the other hand, it is also about what happens when the money goes wrong and what solutions are available to you if you are faced with an agonizing decision.

So whether you’re an impulsive spender looking to find inspiration for a new goal, the charity type wondering if your money is landing in the right pockets, or a chess-playing cyrpto-knight concerned about the impact of environmental bitcoin mining, we might have something for you. Follow the site for regular updates over the next five days.

Ollie Smith is UK editor at Morningstar