Sell ​​CO recently debuted on Netflix after months of anticipation, and as the spin-off of sell sunset features eight new Oppenheim Group agents and heaps of drama between them, an underrated storyline involves Alexandra Jarvis and her obsession with drinking water. Sell ​​CO Season 1, which began airing Aug. 24, follows Jason Oppenheim’s new branch of his successful brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, with cameras moving from the Los Angeles real estate market to Newport Beach and the surrounding area. sell sunsetwhich was recently renewed for two more seasons, also inspired the spin-off Sell ​​Tampawhich focuses on Sharelle Rosado’s Allure Realty in Florida.


Like its predecessors, Sell ​​CO features Oppenheim Group realtors visiting several luxury California properties that are either being considered for sale or already on the market. Alex Hall, Alexandra Rose, Alexandra Jarvis, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Tyler Stanaland, Polly Brindle, Kayla Cardona, Sean Palmieri, Austin Victoria and Lauren Shortt are the new agents turned reality stars who not only share their professional lives on camera but the amount of drama between them. The three Alexs, in particular, have stood out since Sell ​​CO premiered, with Hall’s treatment of Jarvis and Rose being compared to directly bullying viewers.

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Although the long-awaited dramas of Sell ​​CO became the focal point of the new spin-off, a recurring theme that hasn’t received enough attention from viewers or critics involves Jarvis and his love for water. As Jarvis and Rose find themselves at odds with Hall, Kayla, and Polly throughout their first season, Jarvis finds a way to explain to Rose how much she loves water repeatedly, such as in a scene where the women have lunch outside. In fact, Jarvis doesn’t just hypothesize that she was a “water sommelierr” in his past life, but even spent $6,000 on a high-tech water machine that Jarvis says makes molecules in water smaller.

In a sea of ​​arguments and borders crossed between others Sell ​​CO agents like Kayla and Tyler, Jarvis’ fixation on drinking water rather than other beverages adds another breath of fresh air to Sell ​​CO. While several of Jarvis and Rose’s cast members bring their personal lives to the office, Jarvis and Rose have many conversations that don’t revolve around the Oppenheim band. Although several million dollar properties are advertised on Sell ​​the OC, Jarvis, Rose, and Gio are the three agents who seem to be most focused on getting, keeping, and closing ads.

Jarvis has become an outstanding estate agent in the Oppenheim Group since Sell ​​CO debuted on Netflix, and while the new reality star is apparently still embroiled in the drama between her and Hall, viewers appreciate her calm demeanor and quirky personality. Although the sell sunset The future of the spin-off is still up in the air, viewers further hope that if the show is renewed for a second season, Sell ​​CO fans are hoping Jarvis returns. While each of the Oppenheim Group realtors has something special or unique, Jarvis and his particular interest in water are among the most endearing.