For those of us who celebrate Christmas, there’s something unforgettable about being a kid and walking into the living room to find presents under the tree and opening them while still in our pajamas.

Or maybe you have kids now and love creating this experience for them. It can be exciting and long-awaited, not knowing what’s inside each gift and wanting to savor the moment.

Good packaging can bring some of that excitement to your customers. Think about it!

When you see beautifully designed packaging, don’t you feel a little more excited about what might be inside? Quality packaging is one of the best ways to get your eCommerce customers excited about your product.

People use emotion to buy, not logic.

People don’t just buy a product; they buy an experience. They buy what this product will do for them.

And for brands selling their products online, the packaging is a big part of the experience.

People don’t just buy a shoe, they buy the experience of wearing that shoe. They buy comfort, style and luxury. So when a shopper sees a beautiful shoebox with perfectly wrapped tissue paper, they get a glimpse of that experience.

The same goes for wine. When someone buys a bottle of wine, they’re not just buying alcohol, but the feeling of excitement that comes with opening the bottle with friends. They buy memories of laughter and good times. They invest in an experience that will be cherished long after the last drop has been drunk.

Wine is more than just a drink; it is a source of pleasure. When choosing a wine, people are looking for something that will complement their meal, make them feel special, and add to the overall dining experience. Whether it’s a casual get-together with close friends or an elegant dinner, the right wine can make the difference.

And the packaging should reflect that.

People don’t buy based on logic alone. Emotional factors play a much bigger role than we think. This is why marketing teams must focus on branding and packaging design, to recreate the emotion that the product will bring to the consumer, the satisfaction of making an eco-responsible purchase that helps the planet, the anticipation to enjoy a bottle of wine with friends.

Understanding how emotional factors play into customer decision-making and incorporating these emotions into branding and packaging, wine and food brands can ensure customers have a positive experience with their products. Since first impressions are everything, this is a crucial step in ensuring customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Now that online shopping is the norm, brands must look for ways to stand out from the competition and provide shoppers with a special experience, something more than opening a brown box shipped to them and seeing two bottles of wine and a printed sell sheet written for distributors. , not customers.

Tapping into the emotions of the target audience is much more likely to turn that sale into a feeling, and that “feeling” into a long-term customer and brand advocate.

What about “unboxing” videos?

You may have heard the term “unboxing”. It comes from YouTube videos of ordinary people recording themselves opening boxes of things they bought online. Now, influencers and anyone with a camera and a social platform can create an unboxing video and upload it to their YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter or Instagram pages.

These videos show someone taking a brand new product, usually something just released, and removing it from its packaging while sharing their first impressions.

Here are four reasons why unboxing videos are so popular:

They offer entertainment. People enjoy watching others open new products and give their first impressions. There’s something satisfying about seeing what’s in the package revealed!

Customers get to see everything that comes with a product. When we shop online, we often can’t tell exactly what we’re getting for our money. With an unboxing video, you can get a close look at everything included with the purchase.

Learn to use a new product. Many videos include helpful tips on how to use the product, which can be beneficial for those considering making a purchase. Luckily, there are plenty of unboxing videos that show you step-by-step setup and day-to-day use of many items.

And while we like to think customers know how to open a bottle of wine… I can tell you from hanging out with my mother-in-law that’s not always the case.

Social media influencers have embraced this trend. These videos allowed even more products to be exposed to potential customers. Creators being influencers have the added benefit of increasing trust and adding credibility to products.