For those old enough to remember a time when sky-high used car prices didn’t exist, amassing a hoard of vehicles didn’t have to be a difficult task.

Whether searching old Craigslist ads or browsing the current month’s Autotrader at the grocery store, dozens of vehicles could be purchased for less than four figures. So, for those with a stable income, it certainly became a problem when acquiring a used car was cheaper than repairing the previous one. This could leave your property littered with a fleet of hoopties that would rival the early days of Hoovie.

Finding himself in a similar conundrum, off-road enthusiast and YouTuber Maxx Powell recently realized that the collection of vehicles he’s amassed over his six-year YouTube career falls somewhere between an enthusiast and a hoarder apart. whole. Today, he shows us around his car collection which includes a handful of Toyotaheavy work trucks and even a Subaru WRX STI for good measure.

About the Maxx Collection

After waking up one day and realizing there was no proper storage facility or workshop, owning a dozen vehicles just isn’t practical. But in the case of Maxx, parting with a vehicle can be difficult. After all, each of these vehicles is directly linked to its own success.

Nevertheless, seeking to free up space around the property, Maxx must liquidate some of its assets in order to fund future projects with its chain.

Kicking off the tour is his collection of Toyotas. Maxx has everything from a brand new Tundra with 10,000 miles to an FJ62 Land Cruiser. But like every other off-road enthusiast in the world, Maxx has a soft spot for older Tacomas. Having built a lot over the years, its first and third generations might be the hardest to let go.

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Maxx’s Subaru WRX STI

Being an outdoorsman as such, what off-road collection would be complete without a Subaru WRX STI? Although normally a trucker, Maxx found an excuse for this particular hawkeye STI after the previous owner claimed it produced 600hp. However, while the Subie is probably the nicest vehicle of the bunch, it feels likely to die “in a ball of fire” if it doesn’t part ways with it soon.

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It’s at this point in the video that Maxx’s collection shifts from his fun cars and trucks to the workhorses of his Washington farm. With a Polaris RZR, a Bobcat backhoe, an ’80s Ford dump truck, and a converted Snap-on truck, we’ve got an in-depth look at the different vehicles needed to take care of a property of this size.

After finishing the tour with a few motorcycles, Maxx begins to explain without a personal workshop that these vehicles are becoming too expensive to maintain. By getting rid of a few superfluous vehicles, he should have enough to finance the construction of his personal workshop. This, of course, will give him another excuse to acquire more cars.