MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Wisconsin’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled Tuesday that opponents of a school referendum in Racine had no right to have ballots reviewed in court following a recount that confirmed a five-vote margin of victory for the ballot measure.

Racine voters approved the April 2020 referendum with 16,748 voters in favor and 16,743 against. After a recount, the margin of victory of five votes was confirmed with 16,715 for and 16,710 against.

Those who challenged the results had argued that courts should be able to examine ballots after they were recounted.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court, in its unanimous decision, ruled that the ballots could not be reviewed by a court. He upheld a unanimous state appeals court ruling last year that reopening the ballots was not necessary because it was done during the recount. A Racine County judge had also determined that the recount had been conducted correctly and that both sides had been given the opportunity to challenge the ballots.

The approved referendum is expected to cost Racine taxpayers $1 billion over 30 years, with the money mostly earmarked for school building upgrades and construction.

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Recounts are not uncommon in tightly divided Wisconsin. Former President Donald Trump had recounts conducted in Milwaukee and Dane counties in 2020 and there was a statewide recount during the 2016 presidential race.

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