Gabrielle Osbourne said she heard gunshots but, as the gunshots weren’t that loud, she thought they were fireworks.

“It was just, like, a bunch of pops,” Osbourne said. “So I didn’t even get up until I heard a girl moaning outside.”

Osbourne resides at Howland House, a Spartan housing co-op, located at 415 MAC Ave. – down the street from the scene of Sunday’s shooting that left one person hospitalized, ELPD recently confirmed in a statement. The nature of the injury is unclear at this time.

As of September 16, several suspects remained at large after the shooting.

From Osbourne’s bedroom window, she had a view of the developing situation – in particular, the response of the emergency services.

“There was only one ambulance that came…I saw them get out (the victim),” Osbourne said. “There wasn’t a lot of blood…it was definitely worse than I could see. But it wasn’t as medically chaotic as I expected.”

A Sparrow Hospital spokesman said he could not comment on the number of people being brought to the hospital due to patient confidentiality and the fact that ambulances were private.

Osbourne said she could hear the injured person’s friends talking to each other after she was taken away by the ambulance, seemingly indifferent to their friend’s fate.

“They were freaking out at first. They weren’t as worried as I was personally,” Osbourne said. “I went in there to be, like, ‘Hey, you want some water, anything?’ … They didn’t seem so worried either.

At roughly the same Harper’s restaurant and brasserie, Julia Smith was surprised to see employees suddenly close the door, turn off the lights and cut the music.

An employee told him there was a shooting outside.

“My friends and I didn’t even hear any guns or anything, but other people did. Then the whole staff started rushing everyone to the basement,” Smith said. “There was just such a lot of commotion, a lot of screaming…it was one of the scariest times of my life.”

Employees rushed everyone out onto Albert Street about 20 minutes later.

After the evacuation, many customers decided to stay downtown despite police warnings, Smith said.

“I was a bit confused as to how things were handled in that sense because I feel like there were a lot more people downtown than there should have been. “Smith said. “But it’s also one of those situations that you never think you’re in until you’re actually there.”

Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub did not respond to state news several requests for comments.

The ELPD and the City of East Lansing released additional details about the incident earlier this week. Thirty-one bullet casings from three firearms of different calibers were found at the scene.

“There does not appear to be an active threat to the public,” the statement said.

“This is a very serious and unacceptable incident which the ELPD is actively investigating. We will leave no stone unturned to find out what happened and identify those involved,” Captain Chad Pride said. ELPD in a statement.

Members of the public with information about the incident are asked to contact Det. sergeant. Tony Fuller at (517)-319-6876.

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