A Los Angeles business owner, who fled war-torn Nicaragua in the 1970s, uses her piñata shop to raise money for Ukraine’s latest war victims.

At Amazing Piñatas in Mid-City, they put together crepe paper flowers and piñatas. These items are usually associated with celebrations, but now the focus is on Ukraine.

The store creates bespoke piñatas in blue and yellow, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, fulfills orders from those who want to show solidarity with the war-torn country, and donates proceeds to war victims. Proceeds will go to benefit the Ukrainian Cultural Center. The first donation check will be handed out on Friday.

“We are citizens of the world,” said Lorena Robletto, the owner. “What happens to others in other parts of the world matters. It’s not just us.”

For Robletto, it’s personal.

Her family fled war in Nicaragua in the 1970s. She lost dozens of loved ones to the violence. Watching war rage in Ukraine is a painful reminder of its own past.

“It kind of brings in those emotions that you think are probably gone,” she said. “These feelings come back.”

The store has a history of making topical piñatas. Their creations have also included former President Donald Trump and the coronavirus.

They also receive orders for blue and yellow headbands and flower bouquets. And now there is a demand for a new creation – piñatas resembling Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last week, the store made a life-size Putin for an event organized by a group of local Ukrainians.

“They wanted it to be super strong because there were only adults in the event and they wanted to break that up,” she said.