The new Netflix series, Sell ​​CO, features one of Orange County’s top realtors, Alexandra “Alex” Hall. The real estate agent will use his expertise to sell multi-million dollar luxury properties on the show. Alex is not only a real estate agent, but also an accomplished interior designer, similar to Sell ​​Sunsets Amanza Smith.

Alex will be featured on Sell ​​CO alongside ten other brokers who will try to reach the best deal with their clients. All episodes of the reality series will premiere on Netflix on August 24.

Alex Hall of Sell ​​CO started his real estate journey in 2013

Californian Alex Hall has worn many hats during her career. From real estate agent to interior designer, Alex has fulfilled all the roles perfectly. Viewers will now see it on Sell ​​the OC, bringing him an A game to score big in the real estate market.

Being ranked as “Orange County’s No. 1 Real Estate Professional”, Alex offers “in-depth expertise to her clients that few others have to offer”. The real estate expert began her real estate journey in 2013 as a real estate agent at First Team Real Estate.

After that, she worked with other renowned companies including HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty, Christie’s International Real Estate and Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty as a licensed real estate agent, as per her LinkedIn profile.

After years of experience, Alex joined the Oppenheim Group as a Chartered Estate Agent in November 2021. According to his official Oppenheim Group profile,

“With a background in interior design, she is able to give her clients an unrivaled edge when it comes to selling homes at record prices. Her pleasant and professional character allows Alexandra to build and maintain strong friendships, long-term clients and a multitude of business relationships within the community. »

Added more:

“Alexandra is young and ambitious, but she also brings the wisdom of real estate knowledge that instills a sense of charismatic confidence in negotiating any type of real estate transaction.”

The 33-year-old mother of a son and a daughter does not reveal much of her private life in public. But viewers can get a glimpse of her personal life on her Instagram account, which has over 4,000 followers.

Now on Sell ​​CO, Alex will showcase his hard work to viewers. She said today:

“I think I want people to remember that it’s hard work. We work hard and we’re young, but we’re here for a reason. It’s not easy.”

Alex was initially reluctant to join Sell ​​CO but signed on after finding out that a producer of one of his favorite shows, Laguna Beachwould be part of sell sunset spin off.

She signed the deal after consulting with her boss and Oppenheim Group founder Jason. She told People:

“He basically told me I’d be stupid not to!”

Being on the show turned out to be the right decision for her as she got various other opportunities. Alex said:

“He’s already opened so many doors (pardon the pun) including being on a $100 million list.”

Watch 11 real estate agents work on their deals on the new Netflix series, Sell ​​COAugust 24.

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