The hills vibrate with the sound of real estate transactions and quarrels. Sunset season 6 sale is set to return to Netflix with more DRAMA and lux announcements for Oppenheim Group agents.

Season 5 recently dropped, giving fans a long-awaited look at the beginning and end of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s romance. The show came to a halt on a major cliffhanger, as Christine Quinn faced allegations of sabotaging Emma Hernan (and later accusing Selling Sunset of fake scripts). A reunion special (the reality show’s premiere) should bring more juicy gossip and set the stage for season 6 and beyond.

Selling Sunset follows the personal and professional lives of a group of female agents from the Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles. The series started with Chrishell joining the office as a new agent, which didn’t go over well with rival Christine. Later developments included weddings, babies, and multi-million dollar home sales.

The series was a major hit for Netflix, casting tabloid stars as cast members. He is also launching a spin-off series, Selling the OC.

Here’s everything we know so far about Selling Sunset Season 6.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Release Date Speculation

Although Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Selling Sunset for Season 6, another episode of the hugely popular reality series is almost a foregone conclusion. Us Weekly reported in January that Selling Sunset would return for Season 6 and Season 7.

“Everyone is very excited,” a source told the magazine, adding that filming for Season 6 won’t start right away so the cast can have “a little break.”

Seasons 6 and 7 could follow the precedent of seasons 4 and 5. They were announced together in March 2021, filmed back-to-back, and premiered just five months apart. It’s possible that the spin-off series Selling the OC will air before the OG returns and that Netflix will want to space out the franchise.

Our best guess is that Season 6 drops in early 2023.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Cast

Mary, Jason and Chrishell in Selling Sunset season 5

(Image credit: Netflix)

Most of the main cast members of Selling Sunset are set to return in Season 6. At the top of the list is Chrishell Stause, an agent and former actress who was previously married to actor Justin Hartley and competed on Dancing With the Stars. In Season 5, she had a brief but serious relationship with the agency’s boss and co-founder. Jason Oppenheim. They broke up in the finale because of her wish to have children and her decision not to.

Chrishell’s nemesis, Christine Quinnhas a more uncertain future on the show after being accused of sabotage by another agent Emma Hernan.

Newly promoted manager Mary Fitzgerald should also be back, with Heather Rae Young. Young married HGTV personality Tarek El Moussa in the Season 5 finale.

Other cast members who are likely to return include Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz, Vanessa Villelaand newcomer Chelsea Lazkani. An agent who can make limited or no appearances is Maya Vander, who decided to spend more time with his family in Miami.

Selling Sunset Season 6 Plot and Storylines

Since Selling Sunset Season 6 wouldn’t be filming for a while to give the cast a break, fans might not see the immediate fallout from Season 5’s ending. Two major developments happened: Chrishell and Jason broke up, and Christine was charged with corruption. a client to drop Emma in his favor.

As for Chrishell and Jason, both parties have already released public statements about the end of their relationship (which occurred in December 2021).

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim in Selling Sunset season 5

(Image credit: Netflix)

“I think we walked in and out with so much respect and love for each other,” Chrishell said at the time. More recently, Jason told People, “It hasn’t been an easy breakup for me at all—my hardest for sure—and I’m still processing.”

Season 6 could see Chrishell explore her options for having a child without a partner, using one of her frozen eggs. As she told People, “I feel like I can do this on my own,” she said. “It’s something that feels scary, but it also feels kind of liberating, knowing that I’m not attached to this idea that I only have a limited time to figure it out.”

The Season 5 Reunion Special may reveal whether the allegations against Christine led to her getting kicked out of the Oppenheim Group. That revelation will have to come from Jason and Mary, however, since Christine didn’t attend the April 24 reunion taping. She claimed to have tested positive for COVID-19 (which Chrishell suggested is a lie).

Chelsea and Christine in Selling Sunset season 5

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It is unknown if Christine is returning for Selling Sunset season 6. She is still listed as a broker on the agency’s website. However, she also heavily promotes her other projects, like her upcoming book How to Be a Boss Bitch and the crypto real estate business she started with husband Christian Dumontet. And while she’s making very limited appearances, her new BFF Chelsea should continue to make waves now that she’s earned a desk in the office.

As for the other cast members, many of their life changes have already been reported in the press and could feature in season 6.

Mary is going ahead with freezing her eggs and has received advice about it from a fellow agent.

“[Heather] definitely gave me advice on what to expect in the process, and whether to do it during filming or not, because, you know, I think viewers would love to go through that process,” he said. she told Distractify, adding, “We’re doing an opening act right now, but if it fits the shoot, I’ll probably go ahead and let the cameras follow me.”

Heather herself recently said that she and her new husband Tarek aren’t quite ready to have a baby (he has two kids with ex-wife Christina Haack). “I have crazy, busy months ahead, and I don’t want to commit to this while being pregnant,” she told Us magazine.

Tarek and Heather get married in Selling Sunset season 5

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Vanessa is seen in the finale flying off to find her boyfriend Nick Hardy (who goes by the name Tom Fraud). They got engaged last January, so the development — and Vanessa’s future in Los Angeles — could be a storyline in Season 6.

Then there’s the romance between Emma and real estate developer Micah McDonald, which began as a flirtation in Season 5. She recently told Today that she was single and dating. “Micah and I are still talking and we have a great relationship. Working out what’s going on with that,” she said.

To be determined… or to be seen in season 6?